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  • paul s chandler - Set up was relatively easy. The on off power button is a bit ...

    So I did a lot of research on this product. All the reviews were very positive. I am just ok with this purchase. Set up was relatively easy. The on off power button is a bit annoying as you have to turn it off to keep from draining the battery after use. You have to hold for 3 seconds and see a blinking small green or red light.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work and now I've learned the product is possibly toxic!!!!!

    I used Nerium AD for over 4 months and I haven't seen any change in my skin at all. I am 52 and have some crows feet around my eyes and some sagging around my jaw line. I took the before pictures and I've taken a couple of sets of after pictures to compare and I don't see any difference at all. I recently did some research and have learned that oleander, an ingredient in Nerium AD, is a toxic substance that can kill skin cells and it is being studied to see if it can effectively kill cancer cells. Good God - how does the FDA even let them market this stuff. I'm freaking out now that I've put his stuff on my face for months much less thinking about the money I wasted on it. I know we ladies all want to find the fountain of youth but this product is definitely not it!

  • Jason Bader - Make sure your hitch's receiver hole is drilled close enough to the mouth of the receiver.

    As the tile states. The hole in which my pins install is too far back for this contraption to fit in. That was very annoying, the company needs to state (maybe they do and I did not read) how far the pin hole can sit from the opening. Make sure the (front of the) hole for the pins is less than 2&1/4" from the outside of the lip of your hitch opening, mine was about 2&1/2" which made this unit not fit. Any thing greater than 2&1/4 means it will not fit. The company should drill the back hole 3" and then also include a larger 1/2" spacer for these kinds of trucks. Sorry if there are typos, I am doing this review from my phone.

  • alex ivanov - Great product

    I purchased this product for my daughter and she loves it. It's a quality product and easy to use and maintain! I would definitely purchase it again.