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  • King Bill - Not bad.

    Well, I would like to start off with the fact that I've never taken a sleep aid before this one, so there are no comparisons to be made.

  • J. Dillon - Not as simple as it may appear

    Sure it scans but than you are supposed to file it under this incredibly detailed organizational proprietary filing system software. It takes a lot of time. The documents are very large and I have not found it easy to find and retrieve files. Overall just very frustrating and way too much money for what you get.

  • Keith Rawlings - Great, Great Book for the Married Guy!

    I really enjoyed this book. All of the author's tips work - I have started my MAP and am already realizing the benefits of it. His whole point about fixing "us" instead of fixing the wife is really the first step to having a better marriage with more sex.

  • auntiem - Zenith 2016

    I enjoyed this book because it gives you insight to all pagan religions and their origin. It also gives insight on why Washington DC's buildings are built the way they are and especially all the monuments. Further insight to the Free Masons and the similar believe of the Mormon's. Very good read!