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  • Martha Jean Jimenez - Safe Topical Inflammation Relief

    I have advanced Osteoarthritis in both knees, and am planning to have knee replacement surgery in January 2017. I discovered this product by accident while searching the Internet for inflammation relief items. From time to time I have tried other products that either caused burning sensations and/or did not offer enough relief to purchase them again. I had assumed that this was an NSAID until I showed a jar to my primary care physician for the purpose of ensuring that it was safe for me to continuing using several times a day. My physician said that the product was not an NSAID and noted that it contained "Arnica" which was contributing to the relief I was experiencing. I will continue using this product, together with other natural anti-inflammation remedies. I have drastically reduced my intake of products taken orally, all of which have side effects. This cream does not have lingering scents nor is it oily so I can rub some into my knees just prior to departing for my place of business and not have to worry about odors such as menthol or having it leave a residue on my clothing. I highly recommend this product!

  • yella33 - Screen pixels broke underneath the glass in less than a month. Glass perfect. WTH???!!!

    I am so mad right now. Our brand new LeapPad, bought for Christmas, is now broken in less than 30 days, and they claim they don't cover screen issues under warranty. We have had it in a case since we bought it, and it wasn't dropped or subjected to liquid. My son played with it in the morning, and when my daughter turned it on in the afternoon there were messed up pixels covering most of the screen. The glass is perfect. Customer service (via email), says it's a cracked screen underneath, and they won't repair it. How the he!! did my kids "crack" the screen underneath??? Isn't this a product MADE FOR KIDS?? We don't take it anywhere... it is usually played with on the couch. We've owned an iPad for three years, which the kids play with, and that screen has never broken!!! We are not a rough family. This thing just couldn't handle the finger touching of a kindergartner???? I am furious, because not only did we spend money on the pad, but also headphones, a case, and a handful of games. Thanks a lot, LeapFrog.

  • Kristopher Schriock - Keeps our bounce-loving baby happy!

    We did a ton of research before investing in such a (relatively) expensive bouncer. Mamaroo appeared to have everything we wanted, and the Bluetooth feature on the 2015 version wasn't important to us so we decided to try the older model... it's worth every penny! Our 2 month old is happiest when at an incline and bouncing - not rocking, not swaying, but truly bouncing. This does the trick - especially the Kangaroo motion. It's easy to put together, and our baby was smiling within a minute of buckling her in and turning it on. I thought that was maybe a fluke (she was already in a happy/calm mood when she went in) but we're 3 days in and have tried it when she's happy, sleepy, cranky... makes no difference, she still loves it!

  • Kathleen burke - Very satisfied!

    Very satisfied with my purchase! Definitely recommend if you are looking for high end looking goggles but don't want to spend over $200!

  • Eddie - Norton 360 for PCs and Macs

    I have used this product with my PC and have not had any viruses on any devices for about 10 years. I still have not been able to prevent my e-mails from being hacked on those units. I also have Macs. My e-mails there have also been hacked.

  • Longhorn - Best annual ornament in several years

    This year's edition (2013) is the best that Swarovski has issued in several years. It is intricate and the facets catch the light and reflect is beautifully. We have at least a dozen of the annual editions and this one is in the top three.

  • Megan - Amazing

    Awesome mop. My husband doesn't usually remark about cleaning devices but he is over the moon with this mop. Easy to use and cleans wonderfully. Found plenty of dirt our old sponge mop was leaving behind.