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  • George Vasquez - Wasn't sealed

    When this product arrived, the little metal foil seal on the top slid right off as soon as I touched it. It was in no way sealed or attached. It makes me wonder if it was diluted, as it was a little cheaper than the others. How can I have faith in the legitimacy of an unsealed product?

  • Radu Ursu - what a piece of c_rap

    One of the most pervasive complaints out there right now is the itemization. It's even the #1 thread in the "popular discussion" sections at the home page. The thing is, none of these discussions have really offered up a viable SOLUTION. Why?

  • 44Roger - Great option

    I chose this for the price - not cheap but much better than any other options. I was pleasantly surprised that it fits perfectly on our 2008 Highlander, and seems similar to racks we had on our 2001. I use it for ladders and a canoe. When I put it on I was afraid some of the trim pieces were not a perfect fit and would fall off, but they have held on just fine. The only problem is the plastic heads on the knobs that secure the crossbars have come off under heavy use.

  • Moni The Reviewer - Most cases come in plastic type of packaging but this one came in a very nice, sleek box so you can tell which phone ...

    I received the iPhone 7 Plus Case, Spigen [Hybrid Armor] AIR CUSHION [Gunmetal] Clear TPU / PC Frame Slim Dual Layer Premium Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus - (043CS20697). This case is exactly what it says on the amazon website that it was going to be. I was surprised by the packaging it came in. Most cases come in plastic type of packaging but this one came in a very nice, sleek box so you can tell which phone case it is. The case itself fit my phone very snug. I was still able to fit my charger into the port with the case still on. It fits perfect into my pants pocket so I do not have to worry about the case making it too bulky to fit. It is a very durable case and I would highly recommend this case to anyone looking for something simple yet "worth it". The thickness is just right, not too thin and not too thick. I feel that if my phone ever drops, that this case will do a wonderful job of protecting it. The case is very lightweight and the exact kind of fit it says it will be. I love plain or clear color cases, because it gives me an opportunity to decorate it how I want. How many times have you seen a product that looked amazing in the online photos, but then you get it and it's garbage? Well, when I opened this, I actually liked it even more than what I did by just seeing the photos. The color on the website and the color in real life are an exact match. They are not thrown off, so this is a big plus for me! I would highly recommend this case!

  • A. Laidlaw - Paid more than I would have from the nearest Hess Statioon.

    But the nearest Hess Station is a half hour away, and it was a snowy day when I thought to buy this so Amazon got the nod for this trcusk set. My Grandson has been getting one of these every year for about 4 years now, and loves them. And is collecting them.