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  • T-Bone - Fit my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Hard to install.

    See title, above. Others aren't kidding when they say that the brake pedal is hard to get on. I used a heat gun probably a half dozen times with various prying tools and it took me about 30 minutes of grunting and groaning. They look really, really good and your feet don't slip on them. And they're never coming off!!

  • Angela Pennington - Great job Suzanne White for making this book is easy to read for non-astrologers.

    The author explains what we can expect in the Year of the Fire Monkey. As in most Chinese zodiac books, the author describes each sign, and what can be expected in the coming year. However, Suzanne takes the predictions one step further, revealing in detail how the Monkey effects each sign individually. In addition, she includes another section with western sun signs. Two books in one. This book is easy to read and very understandable.

  • Andrea - My experience of the Nutribullet...

    I've read each and every review including the negative ones and opted to purchase anyway! I, too experienced the leakage the first 3 times of use and was getting ready to pack it up and return it back for a refund. There is certainly a flaw in the unit!!! However, what I've discovered after watching the Nutribullet in action is that its chopping so fast that it vibrates the top loose so if you are experiencing this issue, hold the cup while its blending and guess what, NO leaks! They either need a better design or stronger rubber ring! I highly recommend that anyone having this issue write the manufacturer (I did). If they have enough complaints perhaps we will receive a fix! I'm going to hold on to it for another week to see I get a response from the manufacturer! The Nutribullet will be used several times a day. I've gone through 3 magic bullet so I really need something heavy duty and I believe this is it. I've been using the Ninja for green smoothies however, its nice to use something that allowed me to drink right from the cup and the cleanup of the NutriBullet is great! I really like it so far after 5 days of use! I will report back later!

  • Shaun - I have had mixed results with this product. I ...

    I have had mixed results with this product. I have used it twice, once it worked perfectly, the other time it did not. I don't necessarily think it was a failure of the product, but the leak was a result of a torn or broken seal. This stuff doesn't replace any parts of the seal, so if it's torn you will need a mechanic to replace it. But if the deal has dried and shrunk, you may have a chance. The case in which it worked for me was a Chevy s-10 where the leak was more of a ooze than a full on drip. The other case in which it failed was a Ford Ranger where it would lose a quarter of a quart each time you drove it. Be realistic in your expectations. If it pours out quicker than you can add fluid, this most likely won't work or will only slow the leak. If it's just a seeping seal,I'm confident it will dry it up.

  • Thomas Keating - Only 4 days in

    i'm only 4 days in. The diet plan it comes with is pretty restrictive and I find all the reps have their own twist on it (check out youtube) I think I'd lose the weight just being on this restrictive diet. No breads/pastas/sugar/butter/no peas, white potatoes, carrots. It's not even like a moderation kind of thing. Very hard for me as a Mom with 2 kids and husband, while they don't eat badly, I can't eat what they are eating most of the time. I am not a creative cook and I don't like spending time making 2 meals (one for me and one for them) i dont think the products are doing the weight loss- I think the diet is. But. I'm only 4 days in. i have a trip coming up in a week- will have to eat out, and I wont have a say in where as its all scheduled. We'll see if this works or it's just a fad. Expensive. but cheaper than isogenix which was my other choice

  • Abigail E. Allen - Chubby from a back injury

    I took this. It made me feel full at dinner. I couldn't eat much at all.. not even a reasonable amount. Then in a few hours I was freaking - shaking from needing food.. I couldn't take more pills because it wasn't a mealtime and also I knew I needed nutrients. Because my body was freaking out I ate more than normal. I am not a big eater anyway so this isn't really my solution. This is good maybe for a overeaeter or binger who can't control their eating habits but what happens when it wears off? Should I have popped some more? I never feel hungry like that.. I was shaking. Just eat high fiber foods and you actually will give yourself nourishment and not feel over hungry.

  • Amazon Addict - These shoes a smooth. At least that's what my ...

    These shoes a smooth. At least that's what my husband says. He works on his feet all day and says they hold up well.