Cancer Treatment Center Locations in Southwest Virginia, Alleghany, Bedford, Christiansburg, Pulaski, Roanoke, Rocky Mount, Salem, Wytheville, Marion - Blue Ridge Cancer Care (BRCC), Oncology and Hematology Associates of Southwest Virginia (OHASV) is a private practice of physicians specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of medical oncology, hematology and radiation oncology. For more than 33 years, BRCC has helped patients with cancer and blood disorders get the most out of life. As a privately-owned practice of 18 physicians, BRCC serves patients in eight locations throughout Southwest Virginia. The high quality care provided at BRCC includes state-of-the-art technologies and treatments delivered in a compassionate and comfortable setting. BRCC’s model of integrated community-based care maximizes patient and family convenience, while offering patients comprehensive care close to home.

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  • Matthew Vincent - Incredibly poorly written/edited

    Amazingly bad (and not in a good way... even though I love cheesy Ghostbusters stuff). No pictures. Bad font and formatting. No editing.

  • James McLoughlin - This knife is a great at being what it is - A small

    This knife is a great at being what it is - A small, lightweight utility knife. I'm satisfied with it for this purpose and keep it on its sheath on my seatbelt for utility purposes. It is very small and light, with a similar grip to a kitchen knife. I was honestly expecting something more substantial that I could wear on a leg sheath and use when hiking/camping/walking back to my residence at night through downtown. A more suitable knife for my application would be the KA-BAR or Gerber Gaurdian. Again- this is not to say that this is not an awesome knife.

  • C. Mcgovern - Norton Antivirus

    This download was a pain in the butt. I had to call Norton, and let them access my computer to try and get it to work. They spent 45 minutes and it just kept jamming things up, so they installed it from their site using this code, and it works great. I prefer the CD's better.

  • Amazon Customer - Green light broken on 2 different units :(

    We really wanted this to work!! Our 2.25-year-old son loves the concept, repeating "red means stay in bed" and "green means go go go!" Unfortunately, on the first use the green light clicked on, but only stayed illuminated 15 minutes (should be 1 hour), and on subsequent uses did not click on at all. We ordered a replacement from Amazon, and the EXACT SAME thing happened: green light worked partially on very first use, then ceased to come on at all. The red light works fine, clicking off at the set time, but the green light does not come on.

  • A. Sparrow - Another Great Alton Tome

    I think I own every book Alton's written, and while I don't always try every recipe, I still enjoy reading them (although his brining turkey is now a family tradition every Thanksgiving). That said, I think this book is going to change that "don't always try every recipe" formula. There's a LOT of great ideas in this book I'm looking forward to dirtying up the kitchen attempting to make. And, as usual, it's still a fun read even if you never pick up a single spatula.

  • kezador - Travel Pump Added Bonus!!

    Both my daughters are going or returning to college in the next few weeks and I have found that vacuum bags are the best way to pack and transport their things. I ordered the California Basics Vacuum Space Saver Bags Bundle for Storage (15 Count)

  • mountainmomma - maybe the best holiday money we spent

    I bought my daughter more expensive gifts, but nothing she has enjoyed more than this game. Actually, it is just as fun as I remember it being from my own childhood - finally a reprieve from Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders! There are these weird and, in my mind, unnecessary fire and ice things added to the game now, but we don't usually use them. Sorry is seriously still fun!