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  • A. Morris - Great product IF you prep correctly!

    I've been using these for at least 6 months, and I've waited to write a review until now so that I can give a full picture on whether they are truly as great as some people say they are. Great idea? yes, great concept and execution? That's what I'm here to answer.

  • Dan The Man - Very Handy

    This is a simple and easy to attach product. I accidentally cracked the bottom lip while removing it from a can, but I think this was my fault (too forceful). Regardless, it still works wonderfully. I've used it on probably 10 spray cans at this point, and it makes them SO much easier to use.

  • JR Johnson - Look Elsewhere

    We bought this because the old version we were using would no longer allow us to update bank info. After we installed it, our merchant account no longer would download Quickbooks files because they said Intuit makes it very difficult for 3rd party apps to download transactions. We tried to sell it, but since we had installed it we could not and had to take a loss. We are DONE with Intuit products.

  • melissa stromquist - lemon of a bike

    my son bought this bike and had it for 1 month and it is a true lemon for what he paid there shouldnt be any issues the forks on the bike should not have bent the chain should not have broke nor the peddles i would not recommend buying a bike from them again this is the first issue i had with them everything else i bought was ok but till now.