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Buba-mara : Naslovnica - Promotivni materijali - kao što sama riječ kaže, služe promociji tvrtke.Koriste se uglavnom kao poklon poslovnim partnerima, kupcima, dobavljačima i produbljuju vezu između tvrtke i klijenata.

Country:, North America, US

City: -82.5156 Florida, United States

  • Scott L. - Seasons 1-4 Great... What Happened?

    Well, if you are simply looking for entertainment value... then ok. If you expect something that can be somewhat based on reality - Save your money. :)

  • sorigirl1233 - Okay Product - WORST Customer Service Possible

    I bought this product at a local BJ's club and I thought it was a great product. Some of the flavors are really good others are not. I called the eight hundred number to place an order with a rep named Audrey. She confirmed the price for each flavor that I wanted to order, but instead of receiving the 9 different flavors that I ordered, I received 10 bottles of the same flavor. I place the order almost 1 month ago and still have not received the product. After several calls and complaints on the time it was taking for them to get the replacement order shipped, a manager named Ed gave me a number of 856-755-3437 to call and complain. Between two business days, I call that number nearly 30 times (no joke) and always received a voicemail message. I left two detailed voicemails and no one has returned my call -STILL!!!!

  • Neith Auset Anima - Not Bad, Nothing Special

    I've always wanted to try these just like the many who viewed the presentation on Dr. Oz. I've always been apprehensive of these types of "miracle weight loss drugs" mainly because of the side effects. I am not a pill taker at all but decided to give these a try. On the bottle it states the benefits of these pills include:

  • Glen - I like the extra large size of it because my ZTE ...

    Well, first of all, I like the extra large size of it because my ZTE Lever phone can fit into it easily. But...viewing is another issue. My eyes are fixed into the lower portion of the videos while wearing it, and I have to look up to see the upper portion of the videos. I have to tilt the top of the headset out away from my head in order to see videos with a better viewing experience. Also, the head straps are not comfortable at all. The side strap is set to low and does not want to stay in place. The straps are too tight for sure even when adjusted to it's furthest possible distance. It needs some work for sure.

  • Red Line - Mildew Going Away???

    Applied product as directed about a month ago and the mildew has diminished significantly. Some still remains but it appears as though it continues to disappear over time. My fear is that where the stain was heavy it may require another application. I will reorder the product.

  • Mike Tucker - Just ok

    I've used Kaspersky Internet Security for years, without problems. This version however, even though it seems to work ok, it does seem to slow things down. The best I can say is that it is "ok." It has some aggravating glitches, that previous versions don't have. Hopefully if they get enough feedback, they can eliminate them.