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  • Paladorys - On behalf of adult film stars everywhere - We are angry about this product!

    What was once reserved for the elite echelons of adult film is now available for the general public?

  • Kindle Customer - Highly recommend

    I love this case it fits nicely and the front cover has a magnet that keeps it from opening up while not in use. Plus it came with another screen shield. I highly recommend this item and it also comes in several colors.

  • PinkBird - Just go flush two (2) dollars down your toilet...

    The FIRST thing this app offers you is a "FREE" gift....but they REQUIRE your CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL information! Why? Because YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE "FREE" JUNK! Oh—right you're only paying for the "shipping!!" If you waste your time pouring through all of your "FREE" gift options you will soon realize that it is all CHEEP CRAP——it is not worth the fee for s&h——then it's SUPER EASY to shop the garbage with ONE SIMPLE CLICK——BECAUSE YOU'VE ALREADY GIVEN THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION! Just take a couple of dollars into your bathroom and flush them away......could I be any clearer?

  • Amazon Customer - They have a soul deep connection that's pure and sweet especially in their adolescence

    Erik and Monique are another intriguing couple set in Edenton. They have a soul deep connection that's pure and sweet especially in their adolescence. They have hatred, prejudice and ignorance from outside parties influencing their relationship. At times I wanted to knock some sense into them, but they grew into talented powerful people, who help the Silver Council see their differences can be their strength. Their journey is definitely not to be missed.

  • JessR - One of the best baby items we have purchased, hands down

    I have recommended this chair to many people already as both my husband and I agree that it's one of the best baby items we have bought.

  • Susan D. Haas - If you don't need to upgrade - don't

    2013 is the worst - nothng but problems with refreshing client's older versions, can't change the background color, icons on the tool bar sometime show up and sometimes don't - this is the worst upgrade ever.

  • Fancy & Fierce - You are being recorded (seriously!)

    Just when you got that fox song out of your head - it's back! I was not prepared when a video replay of my 40 something self in my striped Xmas jammies shaking my booty popped up on the TV screen after my kid beat me (somebody could have warned me that would happen) but we all had a blast with it!!!