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  • jayuinhan - more than a year

    i remember i was so excited to have this wonderful service at first. but realized the reception is sooo poor, so barely use it.

  • Frognonamous - Worthless Program

    I bought this as an upgrade for MyDVD9 from Roxio which I've liked and has worked great. I say creator 2011 is worthless because it will not write a DVD. The same file, no changes, nothing different runs fine on MyDVD9 but continually, no matter what I do I get encoding errors with creator 2011. It has a few more options then my OLD software, but I've spent 3 days and endless google searches trying to solve this problem. I've ended up requesting a refund from the seller as this program is utterly worthless and should not be sold.

  • Micha - Interesting Take on the Rise of Trump.

    I think I understand both Trump and America better. The mindset material is good too. The book is short and thought provoking. I'll be recommending this to family and friends.

  • divine dee - Lucy and Desi

    Very good hard to believe how their life really see the Tv show and really are in love...but quite a different story in reality. It is heartbreaking. Wish their real life could of been the same as their Tv life. If you are a fan the book will upset you...but reality is reality.