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  • Theresa H. - albiet very fine hair, but it is hair growth

    As we get older it just seems a natural way of life for some women to have thinning hair and for some reason some even develop that weird part in the back top (the crown) that everyone can see but us unless you use a mirror. that part just becomes harder to style over the more that time goes on (do so miss my thick hair). This product helps, it isn't a miracl but it does help. It is working working. I have new hair growth at my hair line, albiet very fine hair, but it is hair growth. That hair part in the back of my head is almost non-existent (very happy about that). It is growing faster at this time but I'm pretty sure that part of that is related to summer (hair grows faster in the summer). It is slow progress, but then the process of my hair thinning wasn't as fast as I think, it did take a few years before it really hit how thin it has become. I do take extra botin adjacent to what is in this supplement. I do recomend this. Don't expect a miracle, be patient (it has taken almost 3 months for the small changes I have). Try (it's the hard one) to stay positive and not give up and stop taking this, I am hoping that in the long term (maybe a year) the effects of this supplement will be greatly noticable (to me). Oh yes I also know that I will not be able to stop taking this (I am menopausal) I am just not going to change my body chemistry every, but if I can change my hair growth and get some back, well than it is worth it.

  • Ivan - My son loves it

    It's basically Fifa14 but with different colors and options. It's a good soccer game and it's an official FIFA World Cup Brazil item. Jerseys and players are up to date.

  • JR Gumby - Cheap mount with multiple flaws. Barely worth $25 let alone the claimed $80

    The only real reason to get this mount is that it appears to hold a television and is cheap. Granted, if that's what you're after it is roughly what you pay for. Still, that's what I was after and I regret not paying another 25 dollars (or somewhat more) and getting a more quality product.