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  • Swisher - Not Worth It

    Bought this for my 4 year old granddaughter at the hinting from my daughter, for Christmas. My grandaughter lost interest in it after about a day. The games are somewhat difficult to understand for someone that young, its confusing to any child (even after showing them), how to use the camera, the painting app, etc. It was out of the question to set up the internet and browsing for online games or even videos as she had no idea of what to press or how to use the Leapfrog, even with plenty of instruction from her mother. There are game "cartridges" (seems a little outdated?) to plug in to play children's games, and without sitting to show your children repeatedly how to operate the system and play these games, its not useful. I noticed that the games are not as responsive as they should be (probably a system problem) and difficult for a child to understand.

  • reddog - unhappy

    I thought i would try a cheaper brand & that's exactly what i got,after buying and downloading this product my computer slowed to a crawl plus their popups are all the place,couldn't reach anyone for help when i finally did after about a week,all they said was i should buy a more expensive upgrade,are you kidding me,they actually think i would do that. in my opinion this product is total crap.i am going back too the product i had before that works & return this one. VERY UNHAPPY!! p/s it's not amazons has always been great.

  • zoe2009 - Great results

    I used this product on a rental house. The renter's cats had used to corners of the living area and bedroom to an extent that rotted the carpet wood tack strips. After removing the carpet and strips, I used Urine Off for cats as directed on the bottle. It took a couple of treatments, I actually used it 3 times to make sure. There was a huge difference in odor and after a few days, I was able to have new carpet put in and there is no lingering odor. I have also used the dog urine off with very good results. Great products.

  • Kindle Customer - One of my favorite authors!

    Her books are always well written and suspenseful. She has a very good style that draws you in and keeps you reading until the book is done. I have read her books for years and they never fail to keep me completely entertained.