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  • Nikki - amazing, where have you been all my like product

    Magical, amazing, where have you been all my like product!!! I love love love this product. My apartment had a nasty oven from 1981 that I think has never been cleaned, it no joked looked brand new when I finished with this product. Ditto for the oven in the new place. I think people avoid oven cleaning because of the horrible toxic chemicals, which is not an issue here. Pleasant odor, you can use it directly with a sponge but I would wear gloves to avoid 30 year old oven guck under your nails.

  • G. P. - I hoped to get a working one but...

    I found the reviews of this product were bipolar: either they love it or the product is not properly working after first use. I was hoping my purchase to fall into the former, but unfortunately, it did the latter. I am returning this product. Too bad.

  • Chawpped - Helps give the adults some consistency in what to call things. Do we call it a rabbit, a bunny, or thumper? Lets check the book.

    This book's nice because it gives you and your partner parental units what words to say with the kid. This book helped us to establish a dictionary for the adults to use and give the kids a bit of consistency. If mommy calls it a bunny, and daddy calls it a rabbit, and grandma calls it a thumper... the kid gets confused.

  • alexander - Perfect for my 16 month old

    The book is a perfect size for small hands and is very durable. My daughter takes this everywhere we go, she loves the vibrant pictures!

  • Joseph T Fleming - Avoid FTM 2012

    With FTM 2012, the designers have created a very attractive BUT ... needlessly confusing and complex genealogy program. BE FOREWARNED: If you have hopes of sharing your work online - other than through the FTM proprietary web site - the program does not allow you to export your work to HTML, for example, to Rootsweb, your own ISP-provided web pages, etc. A major, major deficiency. Really an insult, to keep you tethered to their site.

  • Scott A. Pope - Absolutely Fantastic!

    First of all I need to brag on Amazon. I ordered this item Monday and received it Tuesday! That is amazing.

  • Daniel - Easy to program if you car has the remote start ...

    Easy to program if you car has the remote start feature that's a plus as well 5 stars highly recommend!!! works like a charm!!!