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  • Carol Muscarello - This product works great and I have recommended it to many friends

    So many things on TV do not work. I saw the ZAP commercial and realized that I had a bottle purchased years ago. I sprayed it on my bathroom floor tile grout, let it sit for a few seconds, then scrubbed it with a hard-bristled brush for a few seconds. My grout is ACTUALLY white now. This product works great and I have recommended it to many friends. Also sprayed a bit of ZAP on the bathroom sink around the faucet where water stains were. My bathroom is sparkling now.

  • Nina Dee - QuickBooks not what it's cracked up to be…..

    I have had QB 2011 - 2014 and everything about it has been a huge disappointment. It takes forever to get to the customer support department and if you have a Mac no one seems to know anything. I have spent an entire day on the phone with the support team and after waiting for hours on line then being disconnected by at least 2 of the techs was told that I was in the wrong department. Every time I have upgraded I have lost my bank reconciliations or other information and that was with the help of one of the customer service reps. I just upgraded from QuickBooks 2014 for Mac to Online Plus and now have lost all of my checks from the original account. If there is any other system out there go for it unless you have tons of time to hang on the phone waiting for someone to take your call.

  • A must for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. - A must for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

    This is one of the first books I read when I was given my breast cancer diagnosis in 1994. When I needed to believe in life I read parts of it again and again. Ann's story kept me from giving in to Cancer. She has helped me to change my life, my eating habits and ny priorities. Anyone with Cancer needs this book.

  • Brandi Patton - If Satan and Hitler had a baby.....

    If Satan and Hitler had a baby, the smell of that brand new baby would smell better then this stuff! Liquid Ass is HORRID! I'd rather die a thousand deaths before ever smelling this again! I sprayed it 3 times near my unsuspecting husband who was on the computer. He was NOT amused. Infact, he was outright pissed. I laughed and laughed....until I caught a whiff of it. Then it wasn't so funny anymore. I went from laughter to gagging in about 10 seconds. And the gagging continued for the entire night, even after the smell was cleared out. Liquid Ass is undoubtable the WORST SMELL EVER IMAGINED!!!! I truly think I am scarred for life. The positive thing is, whenever I smell a really bad smell, I think back to Liquid Ass, and it's easier to handle :)

  • Joseph L. Kolb - not bad

    pretty good tasting, reminds me a lot of Tang. my main complaint is it's suggested usage: 2 scoops per 100 lbs of body weight. so if you are a heavier person, you are using a lot of this in a glass which comes out thick and gritty. it does have a lot of good ingredients and low in carbs 7 g and sugars 1 g. although I do like it, I probably won't buy it again.