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  • Mariodinky - Doesn't work as advertised.

    I have used an entire bottle trying to clean one toilet and it might be 10% better but this product doesn't do what they advertise in my opinion.

  • Kathaleen M. Ray - So Handy

    I have two of these. I reach for one of them 4 or 5 times a week. I reheat leftovers in the oven.... I spray a little bit of water on the food, cover in put in the oven. I've warmed Dinner Rolls, Biscuts... You name it.. I wouldn't be without them.

  • Keith - What you need to know

    This will work to strengthen your abs and part of that strengthening is bulking them up a bit. So if you have fat on top of your abs, using this will make you look like you have a bigger belly. If you already have something of a four-pack or better, you are at a low enough fat percentage that you might get the best results. Don't expect wearing this to burn calories for you, it's very marginal. Take up running, cycling, walk briskly for hours, or go to the gym, and reduce overall calories consumed if you really want a 6-pack. If you plan on running in a race, there's two main things that tire out, your abs and your legs. When abs go first, it means they are weak, this belt then can help you run longer.

  • Zhu Yiting - effective

    It is effective. I thought I had UTI one day and did not want to see a doctor, so I bought this at Walgreens to give it a try, and it worked! The symptom was gone in two days, but probably because it was not that serious at first. I bought three more here an decided to keep taking it.


    Let's be honest; if there were actually a cure for a hangover, most of us would be alcoholics.... I started out by taking two tablets, as per the instructions, with a bottle of water before i went to bed after consuming a fair quantity of vodka and cranberry. I woke up in the morning feeling exactly the same as if i hadn't taken the pills. I went to work and proceeded to take another two tablets after i had eaten some carbs and tried to rehydrate. I honestly didn't feel any different. The only noticeable change in my body was when I used the bathroom and my urine was bright yellow/orange, which freaked me out for a minute, and then i realized that this product had vitamin b's in it, which does discolor your urine. I reread the instructions and noticed that there was a "tip" right below the initial recommended usage to take two tablets prior to drinking and then two after. I am going to try this method next time and give it a second chance. If nothing at all it has a lot of good vitamins packed in.

  • K. M. Puhl - More comfortable than most

    I have trouble with my wrists because I've been over-using them for about fifteen straight years. I spend most of my time on the computer for work and then come home and use the Internet. I replaced my work mousepad with this one, and I would definitely do it again. It's not a magic bullet for the wrist strain, but it reduces the discomfort.