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  • M. Daniel - Super light and super comfortable.

    Wow, this was a major improvement over my Bell Lumen that is probably 5 years old. This helmet is noticeably lighter which results in much less neck pain during longer rides. It also provides much more ventilation that the Bell Lumen as well and I can actually feel the wind going between the helmet and the top of my head. After trying on multiple helmets, I found most of the helmets from Giro to fit the most comfortably across their product line. Getting it from Amazon saved me more than $100 what my area LBSs wanted.

  • J. Mad - No Back-Up CD

    Going Green is a great thing, but there are places that isn't, and this is one of those places. After installation, two days later McAfee went bonkers on one of my computers, so I called tech support. I was on the phone with him for 3 hours and he couldn't fix it, and one of the higher up techs were supposed to call me back in a few hours to fix it, needless to say I never got a call back. I will be using another protection suite from now on.

  • Patrick - Great for getting started with MTG but they have not ...

    Great for getting started with MTG but they have not pulled the Magic 2014 cards out of the box which makes this set a little more difficult to use in Standard.

  • Span Man - What magicjack won't tell you

    I have been a magicjack user for about 3 years +/-. I have migrated from the old computer model to magicjack plus. Overall, magicjack is a price performer but they have recently started to eliminate calling areas they do not have an "agreement with". How did I find this out. Well, I tried calling a friend that is serviced by a smalled phone company that is only 25 miles from a major metropolitan area and I got a message saying "that if you want to make a conference call contact magicjack to purchase prepaid minutes". After contacting magicjack because I was unable to complete a call they referred me to the "Agreement". It is true that it is in the "agreement" but it would have been been more simply stated we don't have an agreement with the carrier in this area and you'll have to pay to complete this call. They also claim to not have a list of those service areas they don't have a service agreement with. So, to make a longer story short be aware that you may not be able to complete a call that is 25 miles from your house because they don't service the area (carrier). Deception or marketing, you make the call.

  • Paul Carrick - Best 80 bucks spent

    Best 80 bucks spent. Looks great and i get compliments on it all the time. Very bright and the sequential turn signals are amazing.