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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • T. Savel - very happy with my purchase!

    I love these...they are just awesome.... feel very comfortable.... the first pair of cycling shoes I've ever owned...very happy with my decision to purchase these.

  • Roscoe Van Ausdoll - 000 miles and runs like a top minus the rear main oil leak

    I have a 1997 Honda Civic, it has 290,000 miles and runs like a top minus the rear main oil leak! Not a bad leak, not even enough for a top-off between oil changes. ATP AT-205 was the second "fix-all" oil treatment that I have tried. So skeptically based on some YouTube comments I ordered it, and added during the most recent oil change. Wha La!! Worked like a champ. totally eliminated the seeping oil from the rear main. now I can park in the driveway again.

  • stiltz - My wonderful daughter bought me the WEN product

    I have coarse hair, always looks dried out. Every time I went to a different hairdresser they asked me what product I used and suggested this and that. My wonderful daughter bought me the WEN product. It did nothing for me. She bought me Ovation Therapy(way over priced, $100.00 for 3 twelve ounce bottles) used all of it using it exactly as the directions stated,did absolutely nothing for me. Went to new hair dresser, she recommended 12 Benefits. I used it once and the results folks, was phenomenal. I will use this product FOREVER. Also, I ordered it on Dec.17, it arrived on Dec.20.

  • Helping Hands - Amazing product

    Keeps amazing me the products that people think about to help us save money! We bought this product to re-do our 20 year old countertops. Prep of the countertop is important as you need to bondo (wood fill) any cracks or chips, as this product will not do that. We had enough in one package to do an L shaped countertop that is 10' one direction and 9' the other direction. When you use the minerals, they tell you to do the bronze last, but we went back over it with the black again so it wasn't so bronzy. Just our preference. We also had 2 different sponges, one to apply and one to come back over and dab the pattern out a little. We were really happy with the results, it doesn't look like any granite that I know of, but it has a very nice finish and for the price are you really going to care? Take your time and wet sand after the minerals are dry (8 hours as suggested) it really helps to make the finish much smoother. Also buy a second 4" roller for doing the top coat on a back splash or edge, it helps tremendously. Enjoy - we sure did. Took us about 2 days to complete with drying time and all.

  • D. Collett - Works for me!

    I really like this product. I had been buying it from another source locally, but they quit stocking it. So I was happy to see that Amazon had it. I hardly had to worry about hot flashes or night sweats. And it is easy to use!

  • ak764 - BUY, BUY, BUY IT!!!!

    I really like this product! If you use it correctly it makes your skin look really polished and I have ordered more than one and use it for special events. Unlike their day cream and eye cream I really like this product enough to encourage others to buy it. It's amazing how well it peels the skin! Note, after peeling it may be hard to get a lot of the dead skin off, use a light exfoliating cleanser afterwards for magnificently glowing skin! I hope that this review was helpful for you.

  • C. Haun - Dale Earnhardt Jr approved.

    I bought this for my father since he loves Castaway. But once he saw Dale Earnhardt Jr has the same Wilson on his mantle at home, I believe I'm now the second favorite child in a single child home. Stupid volleyball. ;) Quality is great. Shipping fast.