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  • Joseph W Burns - Good but Flistatec is better

    Very good ball, but Flistatec is much better. The cover is too slick & doesn't have a very responsive bounce. Other players feel the ball is too hard (properly inflated to 4.5 lbs).

  • Brodie - Little difficult for not much improvement

    Works ok. I am dissapoint that the performance did not improve over the single front stabilizer set up. The kit is a little querky. The instructions are not clear on how to install. took longer than I planned.

  • barbkeeling - 100 Fun Stories for kids 4-8

    This is a collection of really "odd" stories for kids. Nice short reads, and very to the point. But they somehow seem odd in their contents. Some seem to end suddenly. Like "the animal fell in the mud and broke its legs". Of course I am a grown up so maybe I am trying to read more into the story than needs be. Have found the stories fun. Very worth while purchase however. Right length for a good bedtime or anytime read. It is totally a fab buy great value for the amount of stories. barbk

  • Leah - You feel this serum working!

    This anti-aging serum came in a very expensive looking bottle. It has a dropper where you push the top down to release the serum. It is a clear serum which I like. It contains natural ingredients and is animal cruelty free. It also comes with a 100% guarantee with no need to return the bottle. I have been using tis serum for a few days now and am really liking the way it makes my skin feel. You can really feel it being absorbed into your skin. I put this on after cleansing my skin and then wait to give it time to be absorbed. Then I apply my moisturizer. I already am seeing results of healthier skin. This is one of the few serums where I can really feel it working. I bought this at a reduced price as I am a reviewer. I recommend this anti-aging serum as one of the better ones on the market.