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  • John S - great look - but over priced

    Love this look vs. the standard fuel filler. Has been on for over a year and still looks great. Easy install although the instructions were a big difficult to understand. For some reason, these are made specific for the 2 or 4 door so purchase the right one. I accidentally bought the 4-door version for my 2-door - the difference is the alignment pin in the body is in a different location. I just bent it out of the way and put a drop of super glue under the edge to hold it in place and it's not budged for over a year. I can't give it 5-stars at $95 - half that seems reasonable!

  • DJA29 - Good information, Interesting Read

    This is a solid Italy guide that is definitely useful to read before your trip. It misses 5 stars because it does not go into the history of what you're seeing quite enough for my liking. Small thing though since this is a travelers book.

  • Ryan - This product is great! I can already notice a difference in my ...

    This product is great! I can already notice a difference in my energy, sleep and libido. I wouldn't actually think something that boost my testosterone was actually lead to better sleep but after doing some research I found out that is the case. This product does what it's intended to do and I highly recommend does my woman!

  • Carolina - I loved it as a makeup artist

    I loved it as a makeup artist!!! Very light weight, easy to carry and easy to asamblea !! I needed as a emergency and they helped me with express shipping!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Ginger Mims - Not so Enhanced

    We returned this product quickly because Enhanced Payroll only allows you ONE free employee.... any employee after that is $2.00 a month per employee. I don't like paying extra for something I've supposedly already paid for. Terrible.

  • chuckie - Black seed is highly recommended by me

    Blood pressure went down, weight down , mood better, taste could be better, but results out weight the taste. Thank You

  • Carolyn - Best elliptical for the price

    I did a lot of research on ellipticals, and went to a few stores to physically try a few out before deciding to purchase the Sole E55. It's best feature is the adjustable foot pads, which no other elliptical has. If you tend to be tip-toed at some points when using an elliptical, the Sole brand can be adjusted for that so you won't make your feet go numb, shift around on the steps, and less knee pain. By far the best thing about Sole is the customer support. I had read older reviews that complained about service, but they most definitely have remedied that. We assembled ours, possible if you are patient, and apparently one of the wires got pinched during assembly. A couple weeks later I was having problems with the incline adjustment, took a couple covers off to look, and found the damaged wire. One email to Sole (through their website) and my new part arrived in a couple of days. They were very nice, even though I admitted we assembled it and must have pinched the wire. Great customer service, something we need more of. I love the elliptical, it's very sturdy, works great, and has a variety of programs. It is heavy, so put it where you want to keep it. Assembly instructions are well written, almost no problems there either. Good product.