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  • Vicki - Great for Camper

    Love this! My husband drinks one cup of coffee a day and that cup is so dilute it looks like tea but he loves it and won't go without. I bought this to use in our camper so I wouldn't have to haul a coffee maker with us for such a paltry cup of coffee. It works like a charm, easy to clean and could make a strong cup of Joe as well.

  • Susan Kohistany - Absolutely perfect and what I was hoping for

    I used to have a lot of acne all over my face when I was 15 and 16 ( I am 17 now) and it eventually all cleared up with the help of benzoyl peroxide but there were so many red marks left behind. I didn't have acne but the marks made my face look as though it was still covered in acne. My sister recommended that I use tea tree oil because a co worker of hers mentioned she had been using it and my sister noticed the results on her co worker. I ordered a bottle and have been using it for a few months now and I am so happy to say that the marks have clear up about 85 % and I have been getting so many compliments on my skin. Not only are the marks clearing up but any surprise break outs I get clear up over night using this. My skin is also glowing and soft. Best product I have every used, hands down.

  • willynilly - overpriced for unfulfilled warranty

    I've had Cutco for 35yrs, the full set plus a set of table knives. I use it daily and like it a lot. However the first time I had a problem - the paring knife tip broke off, just a bit on the end - I sent it back for replacement and received my same knife back, but with the blade simply ground down till it had a point again. No longer do I have the nice balanced graceful blade but a stubby blade that does not work as well. At that same time I purchased another paring knife from Cutco because I use it so much, trusting that Cutco was going to replace the first knife. That blade now has a chip out of it, about 1/4" down from the tip. I am afraid if I send it to them they'll simply grind off a lot of metal again, leaving me with something that is not the knife I purchased. It isn't much of a guarantee, in my opinion. Oh, and now that I'm thinking about it, a couple of the long-bladed knives have corrosion in the handles where the blade metal touches the handle material, which means it will one day separate. And yes, you can put them in the diswasher but they lose their glossy finish. I would try another brand before buying from them again.

  • Jodie - Kaspersky "Antivirus" is better than "Internet Security."

    I definately like it better than "Internet Security." The "Anti-virus" version is better, it never interrupts me unless there is an attack.