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  • bookworm2012 - Ok Game

    This application has a very slow load time on a Kindle. When you play the game on an apple device it loads much faster. Not sure if it is the internet connection at the time. Or if there are a lot of people accessing the same application at the same time so it is bogging down the system. The application doesn't give you much credit in order to start playing the games. You almost have to wait about a week and let all the credits build so you have enough to start playing the games. I don't know if you receive more credits if you log on through Facebook. It is a fun application to play but it takes a bunch of credits in order to get started.

  • David Hardy - Great Small Business Payroll

    We've been using QuickBooks payroll for 14 years, upgrading when they did. The QB Payroll system works perfectly for our small businesses. We've had up to 50 people - and have been perfectly satisfied through all the years. With eFiling it's even easier!

  • Amazon Customer - Worked well

    I purchased this after my son got a diaper rash (prior to that I wasn't using anything). After googling "best diaper cream", this was one of the items that came up. Not cheap but I decided it's worth it, especially since multiple people claimed it cleared up diaper rash after one or two uses. It wasn't THAT great, but overall a very good product. It's nice and thick so it stays put, and I even see a bunch of it still on my baby's bum after he has a poopy diaper. It did clear up my son's rash after several days.

  • Amy Martin - I actually dont usually like gummy vitamins because honestly i think most taste DISGUSTING

    Im gonna start this review off by letting you know that the bottle of orange vitamins is different than what is pictured in the description. Mine is the same brand ProVita Labs but it says VitaMoons instead of HairOmega. Mine is Vitamin B Complex gummies instead of the comple multivitamin gummies for hair, however on the side in the description it says Multiple B Vitamins, Vitamin A, C, D, E so it aids also as a multivitamin, I just wanted to state that mine is a different bottle so you receive the same. The strawberry one that i received is in fact the same exact one in the description picture.