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  • jeannie wray - I think they are working ;-0

    I think they are helping I am not sure if it is physical or in my head either way it's always good to feel better:-)

  • Jessica Weissman - Mostly memoir, mostly highly personal, varyingly successful with some excellent pieces. As usual for this series.

    This year's entry in the Best American Essays anthology is filled with personal autobiographical essays, reflecting the interests of the editor, with few of the magazine-article type of essay that can be equally marvelous and personal and illuminating. Which means that the bar is very high; the world is chockablock with memoirs and autobiographies, and there are a whole heck of a lot of writers who have already written about, say, aging.

  • Navy Chief - DEFINITELY NOT OEM!! Beware buyer!

    This product is NOT OEM. Not even close! First off, the package arrived directly from China, in dark gray plastic wraps and Chinese writing. After removing the plastic, the fuel cap was in a standard brown cardboard box, NOT an OEM MOPAR box. It did come with instructions in English.

  • Colorado Rick - I couldn't rate it zero...

    This software didn't work. I got a very nasty virus about 24 hours after I installed the software. (It's a ransomware virus from the Dept. of Justice.) After searching the web for solutions, I contacted Bitdefender's customer support (this was very early last Sunday morning). They acted like they never heard of this virus, even though there are tons of posts in forums on the web (albeit an earlier incarnation of the virus). He tried to tell me it was my fault, because I must have not uninstalled all files of a different antivirus program, which left a "hole." Then he told me it was my fault for relying on Windows firewall - he said I should have bought the Bitdefender firewall program. He did say he understood it was a very serious problem (I couldn't use my computer, or even boot in Safe Mode - this thing loads up very early in the boot sequence.) He said they would get back to me as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours. That was Sunday AM - it's now Thursday and no response. If I could get a refund from them on this, I would. BTW, I found an answer on one of the forums. I went to the Kaspersky site with a clean computer, and downloaded a boot disk from them. It cleaned the PC.

  • Kenneth A Mitchell Jr. - Super comfortable. The shoes are very light and breathe ...

    Super comfortable. The shoes are very light and breathe well but give good cushion and support. Walked miles in them very comfortably. Also did a few hours of running on a turf field and had a good grip and were excellent all day.

  • D. Klipper - reasonable pricing and easy download and install

    I needed to buy something, as I'd only in the past used the free trials of anti- stuff you can find online, so felt like I should spend some money to balance my karma. I like Norton, had used it in the past, this seemed like a good price and I only needed it on my one laptop, so now I have it for a year. Will most likely renew when the year is up.