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City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Vivian Linden - A Must-Read for Healthcare Practitioners (and a Valuable Read for Anyone Experiencing Health Problems)!

    In the four years since I first encountered Dr. Campbell-McBride, her book has remained on my top-recommended list. As a student of Complementary and Alternative Medicine(B.S. Herbal Sciences (Bastyr University), Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine Intern), the content of this book (as well as her work on heart health) has provided me with invaluable information on the connection between food, digestion, the role of intestinal bacteria and over-all health. Anyone who is having food allergies, inflammatory conditions, psychological symptoms and general malaise can benefit tremendously by studying Dr. Campbell-McBride's work and applying it to their self-care regimen. It is easily readable for both lay-people and those with more science background.

  • T. Stuart - Great Device The "WORST" customer service

    I have bought the Original Magic Jack several years ago. ONCE the MagicJack (MJ) has been cleared of all issues: Compatibility with your browser, compatible and "adjustment" with your PC settings including recognition from Device Manager, also acceptance and adjustments to your PC and Internet Protection such as Firewalls and Malware and Intrusion Detection; after all these issues are cleared, it is a great device

  • Uly Pittman - Worked for mom and sis

    Although this is not a weight loss program, my mom who had about 25 lbs to lose lost 20 and my sister who had about 40 pounds to lose lost about 30. They are still eating pretty much what they want and have been the whole time they were on the program. My mom has never spent one moment in a gym and my sister goes rarely. They have kept the weight off for about 9 months now. My sister, without doing anything at all, lost another 5 lbs after she was finished the program. Stupid me who bought the product on a carnival cruise at the same exact time never bothered to take it. I'm going to start in the spring. Good luck!

  • Ky fan - Perfect! Did exactly what I bought it for

    Perfect! Did exactly what I bought it for. Easy to install. I've used this antivirus software before and this was the only software I was interested in using on my new computer. It doesn't take over your computer like Nortons or Avg. it works behind the scenes!

  • Amazon Customer - Best Cookware Set We've Ever Owned

    Very nice cookware set. Sturdy and heats evenly. Nice variety of sizes and classy appearance. Super easy to clean up as well.

  • Molly Minx - Buy these right now!

    This brush set is significantly better than I thought it would be. Like 5 stars is not enough. I have bought three other products from this brand. The brush set was the catalyst but I have yet to be disappointed. The brushes do not feel like synthetics and give a very smooth application. There is a handy card that tells you what each brush is for. Don’t be an idiot like me, say to yourself “I know how to do makeup” and then wish you had kept it.