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  • Andrew - Rent Vs Qwn

    Welcome to digital servitude. This is a gigantic bait and switch. The first year cost maybe 360! but 600 or even 800 a year. Once the public adopts this there will be not more ownereship Software. They have run the numbers and this cleaver way to raise prices will keep costing more and more. The Story that they are telling Wall Street and the Story they tell Users are not the same. Wall street heres Growth a big one for them and they hear fixed high month to month revenue. Well The truth is we all loose with this the Adobe we once loved is gone and is now a greedy giant with crappy CSR and Sales!. The price has jumped three times. This is now like the days of the landlord where people lived on his Land farmed it he got Rich and they got a place to live. Kind of like the DarkAges of Adobe!

  • Cyndi Jones - Good, but not what I was looking for

    Seems like a good product, but not exactly what I was looking for. Was expecting something similar to cable, but it's more like a library of tv shows and movies online. Kind of set up like Netflix, really visually oriented interface. You can either browse the shows/movies by category or search for specific shows, then they take you to full episodes of the show or somewhere you can watch the movie for free.

  • Mike Gindorff - Worth the money!

    Very good manual that is full of good articles. Covers a wide range of topics and is worth the price!

  • Ashley - but pretty different from most other curl gels/mousses I've tried

    Definitely holds curl, but pretty different from most other curl gels/mousses I've tried. Hair takes way longer to dry with this in (with diffuser or just air drying) and can have a weird/slimy texture, especially if you use too much. But nothing has worked as well at getting consistent curls out of my hair, so I'll keep experimenting with it! (And one jar should last you a super long time)

  • Exquisite Reviews by Ally - Excellent dash cam, genius design and quality recording! A+

    I am very much enjoying the use of my new dash cam player! This is such a high quality system, that is so simple to set up! With an 1080p and full HD format, I am sure to get clear and precise accounts of anything that goes on when I am away from my vehicle, or even if a traffic incident occurs, this help to capture in live mode the true accounts of those circumstances. I am very pleased at how simple this is to get set up. It took only a few minutes to get this up and going. The quality of the recordings are excellent. It is capable of holding up to 64 GB which is a lot of storage and space for a camera of this size. I absolutely love having this in my car, it also provides a sense of security knowing that even when I am away, and my car is parked, it senses collisions and will record promptly. Thankfully, nothing has occurred for me to have to report any incidences, however, I know that I am now prepared and better protected because I have this dash cam to capture true events as they unfold. As for some of the specs on this dash camera, as best described by the manufacturer:

  • ccm77 - I use Veggie Caps to take this with

    I have been using this for 2 weeks and I couldn't handle the taste so I got the veggie caps and put the drops in that and take it like a pill.