Deník parazitika | Úvodní stránka - Po nádoru mám velmi oslabenou imunitu, která dovolila parazitům, aby se v mém těle přemnožili. Způsobují mi spoustu problémů, proto se jich chci zbavit. Začala jsem detoxikací, pokračuji chemickou léčbou léky albendazolem, ivermectinem a praziquantelem. Přidávám k tomu plazmový generátor a účinnou metodu k řešení psychických potíží.

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  • In The Forest - Just as the name implies; SPRAY & FORGET.

    This product WORKS; Used it before and WILL USE IT AGAIN. Just as named, Spray & Forget; justifiably so. I highly recommend it's application to renew your asphalt roofing shingles to "just like brand new appearance.

  • Suzanne - Buyer Beware!

    I ordered this product at the end of May. I specifically told the girl taking the order that I ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE wanted to sign-up for reoccurring shipments. She said no problem. They emailed me the invoice - no mention of reoccurring shipments. Great! The product arrived in about a week.

  • Shirley Hotop - Kenra Hair Taffy

    I have been using this product for several years but have trouble finding it in smaller communities, I have short hair and it works wonderfully after I blow dry, apply Texturizing Taffy with my finger tips and fluff and lift, gives very good hold and definition to my style.

  • Kindle Customer - Great book

    Highly recommended five star rated. I really enjoyed reading this story, a definite page turner hard to put down.I love and recommend all of Michael Wallace's historical fiction books.

  • Lynn - My doctor recommend the pill to manage my heavy periods

    This is a miracle! I have had heavy periods since I hit my 40's (I'm 47 now), and if I skip a period (due to perimenopause), then my periods are twice as heavy, and interferes with my life (need to be close to a bathroom so I can change tampon/pad every hour...for days on end). My iron levels are also low, so I really need to manage my periods to help increase my iron levels. My doctor recommend the pill to manage my heavy periods, but I don't like hormones. I read reviews on this product last night, and went running to my local health food store to purchase, and took the recommended dose of 3 pills. I put on a pad so I could see if my flow was effected by Vitanica, and within 30-minutes, I had just a spotting! It went from flooding to spotting within 30 minutes (or less)!!!!! 2 hours later, still barely anything....just a very light light period! Thank the dear Lord in heaven...this is REALLY a miracle! :)

  • Tabitha - Pretty, comfortable, soft.

    This Ninedaily shirt is adorable! It is made from 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. The fabric is lightweight, soft, stretchy and very comfortable. It flares at the bottom and has a V Neck, long sleeve, has a pleats and is gathered around the top area, which is very flattering, even to a larger figure. I wear a size 12/13 and got the XL. It is a little big, but not too much. The sleeves are a tighter fit, they are not a loose fit sleeve. The sleeves are a tad long, but that is ok with me. I would rather have the sleeves a little longer and it fit comfortably, than the sleeves fitting perfect and it being snug, which is what I believe would have happened if I ordered a Large. This shirt is longer so will look so cute with leggings and boots this fall. The material is not too thin and not thick. It is the right thickness to keep you warm on a cool fall day. You CAN Machine wash this shirt but HAND washing is recommended, NO Bleach and lay flat to dry.

  • Daria - OK ladies, help me out here...UPDATED!

    Original message: I purchased a 4 oz travel size No Poo to try it out. It was fabulous! My hair was shiny, soft and I could go 2-3 days between washings. Every day was a good hair day so I invested in a 32 oz size bottle. After 3 weeks my hair turned dull, greasy and felt like it was coated with something sticky. What happened? Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips or advice are welcome.