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    I have fine thinning hair. I used two other products before trying Toppik Hair Building Fibers. I used a color spray aerosol and a brush on powder. I didn't care for the aerosol spray because you had to be so careful not to get overspray on your clothes. The brush on powder does work for small areas, but my hair continued to thin and it was time consuming to cover the top of my scalp. This powder was suggested by a sales clerk at a beauty supply store. It seemed to work better and was easier to use. If I had a choice, I would like not to use any product, but I don't want my scalp showing so I am very happy to have a product like this.

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    Just another lil' add-on from Rugged Ridge for your Jeep. This not only looks good, but will keep you from having any extra wear and tear on your console surface. If you're like myself, you have a tendency of resting your arm on the console while driving. Over time this will wear on the surface. This lil' piece will prevent that.

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    This book was for my daughter as she starts high school. The book was in good condition and has a lot of useful information.