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  • sans_gluten - Does exactly what it is supposed to do

    I think my computer might be too slow to work the best.... and I have to use headphones/earpods because otherwise

  • Bill Harrison - A great lesson in history in order to understand what's happening now!

    Thom Hartmann's unique and informed scholarship shines again in this book. If nothing else (and there is much else) it is a great history lession, elegantly and simply told, about the ebbs and flows of power since the country began that have accrued to what we call the 99% and which Thom labels as "the Royalists." He anchors these cycles of power in the phenomenon of "The Great Forgetting", how, when enough generations have gone by, the lessons of the last effort to right our economic ship have been forgotten and thus repeated.

  • J. Kerekes - Economical Nootrope companion!

    As far as I can tell, this is the cheapest form of the highest concentration of Choline I can seem to find from Amazon from a manufacturer that isn't somewhat terrifyingly unknown. Wal-Mart standard brand, high dosage, low cost, big pills, great effect. I can easily get my 1g of Choline to pair with my Piracetam, vinpocetine, or whatever other nootropic substance I opt for on any given day. Very good value and seemingly good product.

  • Sunny - Company has reduced content of product

    Recently I purchased Pro enamel for the same price I had always paid. The company has now reduced the 4 oz to 2.7 oz for the same price! Really! Did they think the customer wouldn't notice the tube has shrunk to just a little larger than the free samples given by dentists. Shame on them! Good toothpaste, but I will no longer purchase because of what they did.

  • trishaa - Great product

    When reading about a product one always wonder just how much is pure advertising and if the product will really deliver. This Wet and Forget is not for someone who wants to see results in an hour. We sprayed this on our guttering and soffits last fall just before it got cold and then did truly forget about it. We looked at the areas just last week that had been treated and could see a marked difference. I know they will require at least 2 more treatments but I can say that the product does work. We will now treat all of our guttering, ceiling on the porch and soffits. I'm getting ready to order another jug to be ready when the weather warms up.

  • Billy - Good product

    I've tried several other products and this is best so far. Great supplement for someone needing some extra boost, especially older men like myself.