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  • Amazon Customer - Works

    It works. I was told I had to do a drug test on a Thursday, by the following Monday. I hadn't smoked in 2.5 months but was told that they look at about 1.5 inches of hair growth (which is about 3 months back). I bought this product and had it over-nighted and also bought a detoxification shampoo from Ulta. For the next 3 days/nights, I kept my hair soaked with vinegar (adding more vinegar anytime it tried up) and then washed with the detoxification shampoo before going to bed. The day of the hair follicle test, I woke up early and did the treatment as instructed. I also have a prescription for adderal, and that didn't come up either (at least I never heard anything and got the job). I highly recommend.

  • Jim C Boehmer - I don't understand the purpose of one side being dull and the other sharp

    The knife feels very small in my hand. The handle is very slim. I don't understand the purpose of one side being dull and the other sharp. The release is easy to operate even with gloves. I also wish the glass breaker was more pronounced.

  • Bookravenous - Bar's Leak held my engine together for 2 years.

    Had a 17yr old Chevy Corsica that blew a head gasket. Living in Tampa and it's my only car. I used Bar's Leak on it twice; each time it held for a year. The product helped me and my family get along until we could replace the car with something more reliable.

  • Lindsey - Eh...if you're on the fence, keep looking.

    I don't dislike it enough to return it, but it is not an item I would recommend to my best friend. The stroller is really light and it is easily collapsible but it is a little bit challenging to open it up. It's also not ideal for running… I know it's not a running stroller, but I still run with it.

  • Ernest Gilbert - Outstanding!

    I'm fanatic about keeping my Infiniti 2008 35X looking like new. The smallest abrasion bothers me a lot. So, you can imagine my distress level when I sideswiped some downed tree branches leaving a three foot horizontal scratch on the passenger door. Though the scratch didn't expose the metal, it still had texture when I ran my hand over it and I was convinced that a trip to the body shop was in my car's future. I had a set of the Quixx scratch remover that I had purchased to take care of a light abrasion on my front bumper. It worked. Though I had no hope of success, I decided to try the Quixx system on the monster scratch. To my utter surprise (and delight) it was completely eradicated. No one looking at that passenger door could have guessed that it had been violated. This stuff really WORKS!

  • Lazaro Rojas - Lots of benefits!

    Light and fluffy. It's a great mask when your skin feels a little clogged and weathered. It's mainly advertised for brightening but I think it moisturizes and straightens out wrinkles pretty good!