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  • Shenan Eardly - Legit CSGO Mouse !!!

    I have not used a lot of mice . Only used the corsair M65, Steelseries Rival 300 & the Final mouse 2016. Out of those mice this is the best . Mainly cause of how light it is . Might take sometime to get used to the weight but once you get the hang of it you can flick like no other mouse.

  • X.Mom - A HUGE waste of time, money & effort!

    When I saw the reviews praising this product, I was incredulous! I straighten my hair on a regular basis & have used every home product & salon service imaginable. (Chi, Bio-ionic, Coppola Keratin, etc.) This product was BY FAR the WORST! I followed the instructions to a tee & aside from giving me hair that smelled absolutely ATROCIOUS, it produced NO result. Though I usually have my hair done professionally, I have been doing home treatments on myself & friends/family for 25+ years so, I am VERY comfortable with do-it-yourself kits. My hair is wavy & average texture so, I can't even begin to imagine that it would work for anyone with curly or coarse hair. Don't waste your time or money!

  • Mickey Dragon - that's my only disappointment. I suppose that is not the seller's problem

    I was thinking the song "rock steady" would be on here, that's my only disappointment. I suppose that is not the seller's problem. Thanks for the quality CD.

  • Harry H. Hart III - The First Was GREAT the Second Edition Better Yet

    I purchased multiple copies of the revised edition of the Arthritis Cure not only to give as gifts to friends and family members but because my mother has, for a couple of years, been pain free after following the advice of Dr. Theo's first book. His new book improves and expounds on his recommended program on which anyone should be able to see relief from the pain and inconvenience of this debilitating disease.

  • seattle - Great Book

    As a lactose-intolerant person with gastro-intestinal track issues, I was struggling to increase the probiotics in my diet when I discovered the GAPS book. Her description of how probiotics effect our body was a major step forward for me.