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The Association of Diabetes Educators (ADE), India - The Association of Diabetes Educators (ADE) is an organization of Healthcare Professionals working in the field of Diabetes with a special focus on Diabetes Educators.

Country:, Asia, IN

City: 77 , India

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    Mr. Landis has succeeded in making a very complicated subject comprehensible to the average reader. All my questions about how the system works were answered. I appreciated the fact that Mr. Landis was employed by the Social Security Administration for many years and was able to give an insider's account of procedures and benefits. Many thanks for this very helpful book!

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    I've been practicing on this mat for about 10 months and it is my favorite mat. It hasn't held up to the test of time. It has some visible wear on it in spots. I practice daily though and so I expect to wear out my mats which is why I seek values (like this one!) when purchasing new ones. The mats thickness is great for those who are seeking some cushion for knees. Love the color. I bought Chai and it's deep, dark brown...almost like a cherry wood color. I still use this mat although it's become a back up mat due to the wear. I practiced on this mat on the morning of my wedding day and so I am partial to it! :) Recommended.