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  • OK Cowgirl - The one thing that works for people like me!

    There is a guy at work who is on a diet and he makes rice out of cauliflower and all this complicated food substitute stuff.... that is so NOT me! If it's not easy, I won't stick to it. I have a lot of obligations for my time and that is where Almased gets its first gold star. In less than 5 minutes, I can walk out of my house with breakfast in my hand. But there is so much more to be said! I am 47 years old. I have needed to lose these same 20 lbs for a decade. I am always outside - gardening, mowing, riding my horse, etc. I go through phases where I work out all the time (zumba!) and yet with all of these things, I still don't lose any weight. That's because I overeat. Maybe not at every meal, but usually, I just do by snacking during the day. Or, maybe it's what I eat - I have a Mexican food additction! And I love my cocktails here and there, too. I dont' think my "metabolism" works at all! So I read all the reviews and thought, what the heck - it sounds like it's close enough to a magic pill for me (I am always looking for one!). This is my 4th day on the plan and it has been magic for me. I am not hungry - I don't even think about food. It's weird and wonderful at the same time! I have been making my shakes like this: 5 scoops of Almased, 1 tsp. of either Olive or Coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa, 1 packet of sweetener and 12 oz. of Silk, unsweetened Almond milk, blended in a blender with a few cubes of ice. By my calculations, that is 212.5 calories a shake. I have had 3 of them each day. So that means that for over 3 days now, I am happily living on 637.5 calories PER DAY! I just can't believe it. I couldn't live on 637 calories a day of salad, I know that! So there must be something in it that not only curbs my appetite but also keeps me from thinking about food - which is what I normally do when I'm dieting. I love this stuff! Oh, I have also been taking a Vitamin D3 with the morning and lunch shakes. Maybe that helps, I don't know, and I have been drinking plain water all day. I have lost a pound a day so far. I know I shouldn't weigh every day and I will stop but curiosity just got the best of me. I swear my pants already feel better. I haven't cooked a single meal for my poor husband in these 4 days - I don't need that kind of temptation. But, I will say this - I didn't get my shake for breakfast on Sunday before church. I am one of the ones who hand out the donuts and cinnamon rolls on Sunday mornings and I didn't touch them! I didn't feel deprived, faint, sick, shaky, any of that. I had a shake when I got home and I was fine. There is something to be said for what is in this stuff that keeps your blood sugar on an even keel. I truly believe that I will use Almased for the rest of my life. I know that eventually, I will eat a meal or two each day but I may have an Almased shake for breakfast from now now. And I plan to do a "maintenance" day here and there even when I do lose all the weight I want to and I know I will lose it. I took someone's advice and only ordered 1 can when I started. Some people do not like the taste, I guess, but I have no problem with it. Today, I ordered another 3 cans. I will be glad to update this in a week or so and let you know how it goes!

  • D. Miller - Atrocious

    Liquid Ass is a great name for this product. It is absolutely atrocious. Be prepared to vomit if you get too big a bite of this clear, vile fluid. Sprayed some(6-7 sprays) in an elevator as I got off, and it still smelled when I rode it back down 5 hours later. By that time it had weakened and simply gave me the impression that someone with a fair amount of dog crap on their shoes had just exited.

  • Zach Stensland - Keeva is hands down the BEST acne treatment I have ever tried

    Keeva is hands down the BEST acne treatment I have ever tried. I have plenty of other acne treatments and none of them even compare to Keeva! It leaves your face feeling as soft as a baby's bottom and it even smells awesome. I love that is all natural because I don't feel like I am damaging my face like many other acne treatments have made me feel. Bottom line, if you have acne you NEED to try Keeva.

  • Mr. C - Duh! They forgot the MICROWAVE!

    I bought this. It looks like a nice enough microwave for one person and they even advertise its hard cover (who wouldn't want a microwave with a hard cover?), but I wouldn't know if it actually is a good microwave since they only sent the complimentary book telling what you can cook with it and NO MICROWAVE.

  • J. Decelles - Works well in my car. Could use a simple switch instead of holding down a button to turn on/off

    This receiver works very well. I use it to stream music from my Android phone to my car's stereo via the AUX jack. Sound is loud and clear, with good audio quality. The only negative I have about this device is that instead of a simple on/off switch like other receivers I have used, you have to hold the "play/pause" button down for 3-5 seconds to turn the device on and off. The "on" LED is so dim that I can only tell it is on or off by the audio chime. A simple switch would have been better.