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Dr. Sean Peterson - Sharing our expertise to empower you. - Dr. Sean Peterson is a Family Medicine physician who practices Family, Emergency, and Addiction Medicine. He holds an appointment as an Investigating Coroner with the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario.

  • http://drpeterson.ca/kids-eat-two-breakfasts-less-likely-overweight-eat-none/ Kids who eat two breakfasts are less likely to be overweight than those who eat none - A growing number of children are eating free breakfasts at school, but the push to provide morning meals for all children in low-income communities has long been accompanied by a concern that it might mean more kids end up eating a double breakfast, one at home and one at school, increasing their risk of obesity.
  • http://drpeterson.ca/list-cancers-taken-immunotherapy-keeps-growing/ The list of cancers being taken down by immunotherapy keeps growing - New immunotherapy drugs are showing significant and extended effectiveness against a broadening range of cancers, including rare and intractable tumours often caused by viruses.
  • http://drpeterson.ca/flu-associated-pneumonia-tied-skipped-flu-vaccine-2/ Flu-associated pneumonia tied to skipped flu vaccine - The flu vaccine may help prevent flu-related pneumonia, a study suggests. When researchers looked at patients with pneumonia, those whose pneumonia was related to the flu were more likely to have skipped the flu vaccine, compared to patients with pneumonia from other causes.
  • http://drpeterson.ca/understanding-form-memories-crucial-treating-alzheimers/ Understanding how we form memories crucial to treating Alzheimer’s - Real breakthroughs in Alzheimer's and dementia will come because we’ve started to understand their physiology at its most basic level. There’s an old saying that a crossword puzzle a day keeps your mind sharp. The newest science is starting to explain why.
  • http://drpeterson.ca/bran-vs-fruits-vegetables-whats-best-bowels/ Bran vs. fruits and vegetables: What’s best for your bowels? - Which are the best foods to treat – and prevent – constipation? Is bran better than fruits and vegetables? What about fibre supplements?

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  • A tale of survival & adventure......every five pages! - A tale of survival & adventure......every five pages!

    After turning over the last leaf of Lansing's riveting account, I was compelled to drop everything I was doing and get on a ship headed to South Georgia, where I humbly paid my respects at Sir Ernest Shackleton's idyllic resting place right on the shores of Grytviken Harbor.

  • JAZman128 - Good printer, but periodically loses it's mind.

    The printer works well and is fairly simple to set up. I did review the documentation and some videos just to hedge my bets.

  • Blue Cat - Divine bars!!

    These are DIVINE!!!! Worth the extra expense... so delish!! I eat these for lunch at my work. Prior to these bars I was eating MuscleTech Mission1 prtine bars. Those tasted okay but they were a little hard to chew... FitJoy are SOFT and so so chewy and yummy in my tummy. LOL.

  • C. Ness - Satisfied so far. Seem like a thrifty alternative to Yakima or Thule.

    I have purchased Yakima rack systems for six vehicles over the last 26 years. Do the math at $400+ per custom fit. Thought it would be worth giving these a try. Construction seems typical of Yakima or Thule but engineering was much simpler. Installation was simple, and took under 10 minutes per bar. Instead of pulling the rubber strip up as the instructions state, or pulling it out completely, just slide it about 5 inches to access the two bolts on one side. Install that side, then slide it the other way to expose the bolts on the opposite side. Don't force the end caps - they have a specific fit.