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  • Mary Catherine - Be sure to read the fine print!

    Amberen did not help me. That's not new, because I can't seem to find anything that will help relieve my symptoms.

  • kitgrrrl - Less painful knees = more frequent workouts

    I can add a little variety to these reviews since I'm not a seasoned athlete but a middle-aged woman with a less than stellar consistency when it comes to working out. This is of course not my fault as I have a bad back, sore knees, and lots of other stuff to do.

  • William - Goes on easy! No stinging eyes!

    Loving this serum! It is super easy to apply. It comes out like mascara but has more of a paint brush look. You also apply it like you would eyeliner. Only you're using a skinny paint brush. I have just been putting it across my eyelid. I have had no problems with it getting in my eye or any stinging. I love the way my lashes are looking and my mascara seems to go on easier! It's a win/ win!

  • Bill Benton - Good Motherboard

    First off this was the second motherboard I ordered. The first was an Asus board. It was received damaged (two of the PCI locking clips were broken off by loose contents in the box). This motherboard is packaged for success. Inside the box you will find the motherboard encased in a really hard plastic case that protects the motherboard from shock and compacting damage. You could probably drop a brick on the case without rupturing it or damaging any components on the motherboard. The board fired up and posted without a hitch and works perfectly.

  • Raina Sayer - wonderful, gentle, good for acne

    love this gentle face wash. leaves my skin feeling wonderful, clean but not tight. great for problematic / acne skin. definitely have to remove makeup before cleansing though.

  • Kaytlyn - which was annoying but not enough for me to return it

    The shoes themselves are okay, but I'm a little worried that I got a knockoff pair. Also the company shipped me a 9.5 instead of a 9, which was annoying but not enough for me to return it. If you're looking for a good pair of Nikes that look nice, skip these. I don't think they were worth the money.


    This product I can say is very effective,if it is combined with proper diet and exercise. I lost about 40 lbs by taking this product for almost 2 bottles until I got the desired results and at the end of the day I go to the gym to use the rowing machine for about an hour.In addition,I also consulted my doctor to begin proper dieting.It works wonders,but ONLY if you are committed to exercise and adhere to proper diet.Highly recommended.