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  • Bueno - Flaps good, Plastic protectors, not so much.

    The mud flaps themselves look good and were easy to install. The clear plastic protectors that you are supposed to put on first didn't last on the trucks first trip, and two of them were not cut correctly and had holes punched in them.

  • TrinityGirl - Absolutely beautiful Crystal

    Can't go wrong with Swarovski...as a gift for that someone special....or for yourself! I have a number of these, hang on Christmas tree, or during the year, an individual hanger on a stand, have even used some Swarovski as a piece of jewelry. Costco usually has a few different styles of these at Christmas for a good price. My brother gets me one every Christmas, such a fun "surprise". They are just lovely....

  • Eileen K - My go to Tax software

    I use H&R Block software every year. Including back when it used to be called TaxCut. Makes it possible to do my taxes quickly and easily. No complications and no paying a tax person a percentage of my tax return. Love the fact that I could use my media credits to pay for it this year.

  • Susan Palos - DONT GO IN THERE!!!!!

    I was approached by a worker and practically forced into the store to try their products. When I was trying the products I felt heavily pressured into buying some of the products by the workers. I don't think anyone should feel pressured to buy their products. The workers were also being very innapropriate towards my children. I have read that this store is a scam. When I went to return the stuff I had bought, they kept trying to pressure me to keep the stuff. I was also pressured to take a free gift even though I refused several times. So beware if you choose to go inside...

  • Lola - The new best lotion

    I have been tanning for a long time and went thru quite a few different tanning lotions. There is always something - to thick, strong smell, greasy, to light, doesn't moisturize. Well, i think, i finally found "the one". This lotion has a pretty light texture and easy to apply. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy after tanning and you dont have that usual "tan body smell". The lotion itself smells like a sweet coffee but after 10-20 min smell lightens. Regarding color of a skin after tanning or preservation of a tan, to me, it doesnt work any better or worse than other big tanning lotion names BUT its all natural which one of the most important things! Plus that light feeling of no greasiness but full moisture on the skin is amazing.