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  • Nicole - One of the best curl defining gels

    For the two years I've had naturally curly hair, I've been using this product on and off. I now use it consistently with the Knot Today conditioner. This gel takes a little trial and error at first, but once you get the right amount for your hair, the results are miraculous. Every time I use this gel, I get very consistent results. It leaves my hair very soft and shiny and provides great hold. I am sold on this gel. A little goes a long way, but a lot goes even further (especially if you have longer hair). Yes, it leaves your hair crunchy when it first dries, but that's what gel is supposed to do in general. It creates a cast to hold the curl in place, and once I scrunch out that cast, my hair is super defined and moisturized. Yes, it is on the pricey side, but I've had this jar for a year, and I tend to be heavy handed with products. So, you get your money's worth out of it.

  • Richard Buch - This Software is TRASH

    I bought the Retail Version of NTI 2010 EZ from my local Brick and Mortar store. Never again will I do that. I am running a very good updated XP operating system. I had problems immediately with the NTI installation CD. I had to guess on how to insert their serial number. With or without the dashes??? On third try with the dashes, it worked. After the install, the first screen I saw was missing part of its right side. The portion of the screen that I did see was very small and hard to read. From here on I was somehow able to do a (4 hour) complete backup OK, but I could not back up individual files. And I could never trust it to try a RESTORE. Do not make the mistake I did. I will NEVER buy anything from NTI again!!!

  • Chef In Training! - Happy in my new life

    I purchased this book to expand my cooking repertoire a bit. I've never been a culinary master, so to speak--Mary was always the chef in our family. Apparently her new husband David also knows his way around the kitchen. I understand that's how they met, at a live taping of a Food Network show. The girls say he's a real wizard when it comes to breakfast. I haven't gotten to try David's famous eggs yet, but I had to agree that the bacon-wrapped dates he made over Christmas were delicious. It also gave me something fun to talk about with the girls--the three of us love David's dates! I don't get to see the kids much anymore and it's nice to have something in common with them. Molly just started soccer and I don't know much about the game but she's really into it. I've been looking up rules like offsides online so I can follow the game and David's filled me in on the different positions and whatnot. He coaches the team.

  • Syndiloo - Working for me

    Days before I started taking Cell Food, I was oversleeping, falling asleep in my chair at work and had no energy to do things that were just piling up on my "list". Now, I am able to stay up later and wake up feeling refreshed on less sleep than before. I am checking off things on my list, working out longer and more, and honestly feeling 110% better than I did last week. The only difference between last week and this week is Cell Food - speaks for itself.