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CSGOSTRONG: Free CS GO Skins - Lowlight of the Year: Gaming Paradise After the disaster that was ESWC Montreal 2015, the community at large had come to the conclusion that Montreal would end up being the worst tournament of the year. As possibly the worst tournament ever held in history, Gaming Paradises issues ran from not having any computers present at the event to the police being called in to hold the players passports due to missing hotel payments.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Jeff - I'm a happy man. I delivered seven bags of weed & ...

    For $200. I'm a happy man. I delivered seven bags of weed & feed over my several acre lawns. Mounted on the back of my Honda ATV. Now, with the job done, spreader removed until next Spring.

  • C. D. - Makes my hair a stiff helmet

    I guess this is useful for updos but it doesn't look very natural and is incredible stiff to the touch. It fuses your hair into one big plastic helmet :( not a very touchable look! Brushes out fine and washes out well.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't worry... Be hairy....

    NOOOO!!!! don't do it!! don't do it!!! Not worth it!! Skin looks great for a day or 2 then BAM!!! rash city, totally irritated skin, wish I'd never gotten the stuff! One application, rest in the trash....

  • Roxy - Best all around fat burner!

    I have tried a few other fat burners, but this is the only one that doesnt make me sick and jittery. I started out taking one after breakfast and one after lunch, for about two weeks, then began taking two after breakfast and two after lunch. When i first upped the dose, i got a little jittery in the afternoons, but not bad enough to make me stop taking it. From the first day, I could feel the lift in my metabolism, and i have dropped 11 lbs in a month. I eat pretty normally, with a little junk food now and again, but i work out for at least 2 hrs a day. The first 4 lbs i dropped in 3 days, but i believe this was all water weight, these pills will make you pee! Also, you will feel more thirsty, so drink plenty of water. I average about 6 liters of water a day, unless I am outside more, then it will be 7 liters. All in all this product has been good for my weightloss, and my increased metabolism. It has somewhat suppressed my appetite, but I didnt have too much of a problem with that. A very unexpected (but appreciated) side affect, after about 2 weeks of taking these, i realized i was not smoking as much as i used to. I no longer feel the "need" to smoke very often, and went from a pack a day to an almost non-existent habit in the space of two weeks, with none of the torture smokers usually feel when quitting. I dont know if anyone else has experienced this, but it has been pretty outstandinf for me! Give it a try! Everyone will react differently, and no ones review on line will be able to tell you how it will affect you individually.