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  • Contact - This website is only an example on how to edit your website, so none of the information you will...

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • krystal washington - Works great

    I had a small issue with the antenna. It didn't fit properly the first try. I had to turn the screw around. Works great

  • Amazon Customer - Great product

    I am a 38 year old American and was having knee problems I started taking this at first I was like not working after 2 weeks after a month my pain went away, swelling went down no more knee problems bout to order some more and this is no exaggerations

  • Chelsea Davies - MYCAA PRACTICE

    I took some online classes through MYCAA to practice for the PTCB and I'm not a big fan of the online classes so I wanted to practice with a written book and I was really impressed upon receiving this book although I didn't want to just right into equations it gives me something on paper that I can practice with! I don't like how the cover states that you are guaranteed to pass your test the first time though because there's no way that its guaranteed. There are about 163 pages including the answer key so when they say they remove the junk pages that cant be anymore true. The book also helps you with some studying techniques which I found helpful because I'm not the best study person around. It takes me multiple times to learn something but I'm doing pretty good so far with this book and it helps me realize where I go wrong, I just hope the test is very similar because I know it is a HUGE test.

  • Druentia - The reviews for this are either you LOVE it or HATE it

    I can't help but be the middle man. The reviews for this are either you LOVE it or HATE it. Proof that the American people are so divided on their beliefs that it's comical.

  • .xxapp. - Maybe someday we'll get a decent Ghostbusters reboot.

    I was super excited for this movie, huge ghostbusters fan... loved the introduction of a woman team. I was super disappointed in both the quality of the writing and the campy overacting.

  • Meems - Nioxin Totally Changed

    I have used this product for the past 5 years and just the last bottle I used had a different feel to it and didn't even seem as if I had purchased the same shampoo. It is now heavier to the feel, more like oldtime shampoo and doesn't even smell the same. I never used it due to loosing hair, but rather for more volume and scalp calming. Now I don't notice any difference from using it or using other commercial shampoos. Has to be that now it belongs to Proctor and Gamble and they have changed the formula. I am discontinuing my use of this shampoo and on to another search for something that will stop my dry scalp from itching and still produce shiney hair with a fuller feel to it.