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  • Frankie - Bunch of trolls... Again

    Don't listen to trolls they stay trolling. This game is great! I love it. When you play the campaign yourself you'll see why. New story and new era what's not to like.

  • S. Gabriel - This Product Really Does Work on Older Veneers! Love it!

    I have to say that this absolutely works! I was hesitant to purchase because it is expensive, but I finally decided to give it a try. I have old porcelain veneers that started to look dingy and this product claims that it will bring them back to their original color, so that is really what I was interested in doing, since I do not have the $$$$$ for new veneers at this time. I have been brushing for three weeks now with Super Smile and I do exactly as the directions instruct, I actually time my brushing, and I brush my teeth for TWO MINUTES once in the morning and once before bedtime; and my veneers are so much whiter and most of the stains appear to have disappeared.

  • Anil Seepersad - Ok, this is the first time in a long ...

    Ok, this is the first time in a long time that I've played a Civ game that feels balanced and works! It's more akin to Civ 3 or Civ 4 (with the expansions) in how it feels during gameplay. The new dynamic of opening up the cities creates a new overlay on the gameplay. It has one fault however - the AI seems, inconsistent.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't waste your money or erode your mouth!!!!

    HORRIBLE!!!! It doesn't work! The whitening strips I get from the grocery store does more in one application than this did in one week! Also, it's toxic! If any of it gets on the roof of your mouth or lips, it erodes the skin!!!!! In all fairness, it does warn you of this on the instructions- that should've warned me off immediately, but I thought I would only have to use it 2-3 times as advertised😡👎🏻 don't waste your money or erode your mouth!!! If I could give zero stars I would!!!

  • Blessedbythebest1 - Oh La La!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This product right here is IT! My hair is shiny and sooo curly! I have naturally curly hair but this products makes it soft and shiny the best I experienced so far. I have literally become a product junkie and this little product is all I need. But I have to say that this price is RIDUCLOUS...I stumbled on this at Family Dollar Store for $4.50 right around my house, I'm going to make sure they are planning on selling this all the time unless I will be buying a case of it!

  • King - amazing

    I just received this in the mail... I workout eat right 24/7 its my lifestyle ive been wanting to try one of these belt out since I had my son almost 8 months ago to assist my workouts. I tried it for 10 minutes on highest intensity and love it. it felt like a massage chair for my belly and now its off my belly feels like I just did 5000 sit ups..AMAZING (: