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City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

  • KyMom - Handy and Portable

    I have used this many times in our RV and it works perfectly. You can control the temperature however you want and it is very portable and a convenience to use. I would recomment this product to anyone. I am happy with this purchase and I think the price was reasonable!

  • Diane A. King - Not Yeti's, Knock Off's

    After looking at these cups I have compared them to the YETI cup I already own and I don't believe these are originals, the lids have a blue tint to them which my YETI does not. I have called YETI and they have informed that they have not changed their lids and their lids are not blue tinged. They also are much weaker since all 4 were broken on delivery, not a true Yeti, my original one has gone through heck and the lid is still going strong. The etching on these lids are also not the same, not as precise. I would have kept them if they all wouldn't have been chipped, I have knock offs that work great but I knew they were knock offs. Not sure the seller knows they are.

  • amazonianprincess - !!!!!READ VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING!!!!

    ATTENTION: Please read this review and the other reviews for this product before you purchase! I am shopping for a set of good quality but affordable EOs for my mom and stumbled upon this item because of the high volume of reviews. I do a lot of research before purchasing anything and want to draw your attention to some of the other reviews people have left. There are 2,000+ reviews for this single item, and an overall 4.5 stars. That seems really awesome, but you should be skeptical. If you sort by "recent", you can go all the way to the very first few reviews and see that those reviews are not even for this product! It seems like the seller changed the photo, title, and description of the product completely but was somehow able to keep the ratings for the old product (baby sunglasses, novels, etc.). You can even sort by "most helpful", and scroll all the way to the last few pages (I have thumbs down a couple so you can find) and you can see that a lot of the 5 star reviews are fake reviews. How can you tell? Because some of them are copy and pasted made by different "buyers", a lot are batch reviewed of the same nature (with the same typos) all posted on the same date, some reviews I saw had 5 stars but the actual review was negative, and others were just not relevant to the product. Literally one of the reviews say "buy immediately or i'll make fun of you". Many others are just smiley faces, one worded, or say "ok" but all with 5 stars.