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  • jack bertini - Amazing quality for an unreal price

    This reel is great quality and is made very well for the price. The reel competes with and even surpasses reels double to triple the price. KastKing has done a great job designing a reel that performs this well and being able to sell it at a price this low. The reel was easy to adjust and within minutes i had no backlash even with wind. Reel works great throwing spinners and crankbaits, and everything else. The reel is super smooth and has a strong, smooth drag system. I paired this reel with Kasting's Maxthin8 22lb 8 strand braid and it worked like a charm. This reel has performed better than i could have expected and i would recommend this reel to anyone looking for a baitcasting reel that will hold up fish after fish.

  • Seismo - Dome cracks w/ regular use - Where's the customer service?

    You will need customer service because the dome cracks with regular use after weeks to months, and it discolors as well. I've gone through several. Expect high up-charges for shipping; I was quoted $70 to return the product. NuWave offers customer service through Hearthware. They're open until 4:30pm CST and you can expect to be on hold for at least 20 minutes after you make your way through the automated prompts. It cooks food well, but it's bulky, the stand for the motor is not built in, so set the dome and heating assembly carefully or it will come crashing down. That was the fate of my first NuWave. I babied my second one, didn't even use the stand. Instead I set the whole upper assembly aside flat on the counter. Still, with regular use, it cracked in 10 months. I didn't call in until 13 months because the 3 year warranty covered this apparatus top to bottom. That's what they told me at the time of purchase. Now they're saying that the 3 year warranty only covers the motor. NuWave recently started offering an improved dome with a 5 year warranty for $50 plus $13+ shipping. It arrived damaged. Given that the product is defective, it would make sense to provide existing customers with a free replacement. New NuWaves also come with the defective, prone to cracking and yellowing dome. If you must have a NuWave, I recommend that you make the purchase at BedBath. Their return policy is solid.

  • ethan - The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised ...

    The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised by the advertisement, the Hellfighter pack and the pre-order exclusive Playstation theme. Pretty disappointing.

  • Heather D - Everyone needs to have something like this in their car at all times

    Simply surprised at the quality of this tire gauge. Everyone needs to have something like this in their car at all times. You never know when you will need it or come across someone else that does. As it is not just a tire gauge, it has a flashlight, car window breaker, seat belt cutter and red safety light. For an all in one, this is a great value. Plus saves a lot of space having everything in one small handy tool.

  • Candygirl - Works wonders

    Great for stubborn hair. Wish they would make it in a more quantitative amount. It seems that it is all gone too soon.