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  • Peter - Cross Dressing

    I have no problem with cross dressing per se. Especially in cartoons, but I feel it should have been mentioned in this items description that it has cross dressed charecters for every month. Basically it is not fun to look at, and who wants a calender that is not fun to look at?

  • Thomas Lopez - Looks freaking awesome!!

    The punch outs for the passenger side fog light was a little off but, nothing this retired carpenter couldn't handle. Sprayed with a wrinkle finish. Looks freaking awesome!!!

  • Erinni - Great once vocabulary is starting to build

    My son is almost 2 and has only really shown interest in this book over the last few months. I tried going through the book with him when he was 6 months to a year, but it never held his interest. Now that his vocabulary is increasing, he will seek out the book, bring it to me, and point to things and say what they are, then look to me for reassurance. He will then repeat it about a gazillion times. He is now very interested in it and his 4-year-old sister even likes to go over it with him, showing him what everything is. It went from being a dud to being a favorite. He came to it in his own time.

  • M. Urness - Make sure to check it periodically.

    I purchased one of these in 2010. I think the last time I used it was a year ago. Today I locked my keys in the truck and really needed this. Popped the cover off to find it had corroded shut. All of the black had flaked off and it was covered in a white powder which I can only guess was salt. The opener would depress, but it would not come out of the hitch. My wife had to drive out with a hammer and vice grips to get it open and it was destroyed.