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  • Nik Silvs - Good cream but not an effective skin brightener for me

    I like that this cream is light and goes on smoothly, absorbing very easily into my skin. I've been using it religiously before bed, after I clean my face. I personally like the way it makes my skin feel right after being applied.

  • LisaC - Love it so far!

    I bought this item through groupon. It was the device and the serum (which is also on amazon and very pricey) for $149+ tax, not sure why groupon started charging me tax recently but it's a little annoying maybe they opened an office in Nevada. Like another reviewer mentioned I almost changed my mind once I read the suspicious reviews. I'm so glad I decided to get it anyway. The treatments feel so nice. I've only had it for a week and used it twice so far. My skin looks so smooth after and I think I see results all ready. I was planning to get botox but since now I feel I can avoid it or at least put it off this has saved me money. The serum is oil based which worried me because even though I'm in my thirties I'm still prone to breakouts but no problems so far plus I'll just wash my face after if it becomes an issue. Once the serum runs out I'm going to try it with my argan oil. Im excited to see how my skin looks in a month. I'll try to remember to update my review. I'll be using it three times a week for twenty minutes while watching tv lol.

  • Virginia Bennett - The microphone is good

    Good clear sound, fits nicely behind the ear so doesn't fall off, and has good range - only breaking up a little when I'm at the other end of my flat from the phone. The microphone is good, people I've called (phone, WhatsApp, FB messenger calls) all said they could hear me fine. And the ability to swivel the earpiece round 180 degrees means it can fit either ear. Would definitely recommend!

  • jrjohn77 - This software will improve your guitar playing, but needs some improvements of it's own.

    My guitar playing has definitely improved. My wife has even noticed the difference. No, I won't be releasing a platinum album in the next few years, but I'm getting much more comfortable playing my guitar and it's way more fun to play along with the soundtracks than by myself with just a book or video lesson. I still highly recommend this software or game but there are some things that could be improved on the next edition, if one is ever released..