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  • Landon t - Absolutely the best floss ever

    Absolutely the best floss ever! My dad is a dentist and gave me some to try. Now I'm telling all of my friends about it and so far the feedback has been nothing but positive. Great product!

  • Amazon Customer - its good for a little extra glow if you're early 20 or younger

    I've been using this serum maybe 3 times a week. I'm not old so I wasn't looking for much other than clear skin and a glow. The glow comes if I use regularly. My pimples from hormones come and go as they please this serum doesn't work for that. It's watery, and a side note, I've noticed thicker eyebrows since I've started using it. Probably from the vitamin e.

  • Betty M. - Zap Restorer

    This is a waste of your money. This product doesn't do anything to restore. Over price for something that does NOTHING.

  • Kindle Customer - This is a real page turner

    Very well written and holds your attention so you will not want to lay the book down.It will keep you up late so start reading it early.

  • RoseRed - epic tale of tragedy and woe with surprise happy ending

    My teen daughter insisted on going down the dye path, in spite of the fact that she had long, thick, milk chocolate colored hair that had red highlights when the sun hit it. I said no way, she said yes way, guess who won (she only lets me win an argument about every 30 days, just to bolster my esteem and foster the pretense that I'm in charge).

  • P. Grange - I completely disagree

    I love Zap Restorer. I've been nursing along my last spray bottleful for a long time. It finally ran out. I've been looking all over for it. Can't find it anymore in retail stores, so had to go online. It actually works on fiberglass shower stalls with stains that nothing else will touch. Yes, you do have to scrub. But with the kinds of stains that can occur on the floors of those older stalls, trust me, nothing would "spray & wipe" them away. Zap restorer is great!

  • HellFrozeOver - I like it

    Less than a week old and this is what I know....the remote is very basic with only a numeric keypad. keep that in mind when you have to want to enter passwords (especially if you use letters!). even though there is a keyboard that can pop up on screen, it's a very slow process. I could not get the keypad to work for websites that needed data entered. Thus it is extremely helpful if you have a wireless or wired keboard that you can plug into the usb port on back of the unit.