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  • Honesty - Perfect! Thank you!

    I've been using this for years as it is the only whitener I've used that Truly Whitens!!! And FAST! I have bought many online for a great price, just to find they're expired! NOT these, they are NEW and work great! THanks a bunch!!!

  • Mylene Perdiguerra - it would be that bad, but I need to use a beach towel ...

    These are comfy chairs, but I underestimated how hot the black gets in the sound. I thought bc it was so meshy, with air flowing through, it would be that bad, but I need to use a beach towel sometimes. Also, they're not as portable as I like. They fold up flat, but are a little heavy and awkward to carry. Wanted to throw them in the car to use at son's baseball games, but not sure it's convenient enough for that. They're more comfortable than the collapsible chairs that come in the bag though.

  • Alittlebirdlost - Long, straight, straight, straight hair...

    I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER been able to get a curl in my hair. I got a perm when I was a kid and the ish fell out! Anyways, I bought this at Target just in case I needed a QUICK AND EASY return (smell what I'm stepping in, Amazon?), and I have to say I am amazed. I read the directions thoroughly, because let's face it - this thing looks a little terrifying and conjures memories of getting my hair wrapped up in a spiral brush as a kid. Small brushed pieces, 1-inch, face towards the head, yadda yadda, some beeping, stay calm...VIOLA - magic curls. I actually plugged this beautiful baby in at my desk at work, and used a pocket mirror to test it out, I couldn't stand the wait! I also tested a piece of my boss' hair for good measure. She is purchasing one tomorrow.