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  • H. J. Matthews - Only as good as the battery

    This is an outstanding charger. It's not the cheapo wall unit that holds only four batteries. This Energizer Family Charger holds twice as many batteries, and many more types. Even better, it can deliver a different level of charge to different batteries of the same type - so it's OK to charge your new Eneloop AA's along side your exhausted Duracell AA's. And those four fill just half of the charger. In the other half you can charge AAA, C, D, or even 9V batteries at the same time. And because it's a closed-lid device, the batteries are all kept in a single place protected from dust and ready to go at a moment's notice.

  • January - Great Game for Family Gatherings

    This is a fun game to play at family gatherings. It fun to watch the seniors play against the kids.

  • JKop - I love seeing all the graphs when I get back from ...

    Has all the features of the Edge 1000 (plus a few more) in a compact size. I love seeing all the graphs when I get back from a ride. Great bike computer!

  • Blue Jacket - for tougher stains

    Anyone that has used Krud Kutter either for household use, or for heavier cleanups, already know how well it works. There are 2 types of Krud Kutter and the one we prefer is this low odor, red label one. This surface and grease cleaner is the next step up for counter tops, marks on walls, crayons, ink, really dirty floors, etc. without damaging surfaces. We normally will use vinegar or Windex surface cleaner for easy stains, but Krud Kutter for the tougher ones. It can be diluted for most cleaning, but full strength will clean almost any truly stubborn stain.

  • S. McDermond - Spectacularly insightful and strongly substantiated!

    I am so grateful to this book for walking me through the process of how to cure myself. The treatment options offered in this book may or may not work for you, but the information about stomach conditions is very helpful in making better decisions about medications and treatment options.

  • musicmt - Fabulous book!

    I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who over the past 5 years has changed the way I do my practice to a way more holistic approach. This book was recommended by a colleague and is well worth the money! Great information, well written and is a book that should be read by every medical provider.