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  • Renee - Great twist out

    This product works wonders for my hair. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a great twist out and defined curls.

  • L.Marr - Gloppy Gorilla Glue

    Very versatile yet very gloppy with a mind of its own. Dependably uncontrollable yet gets the job overdone. My bottle dried up so Amazon, as always, to the rescue. This time I needed to fill in the wedge part of a pair of favorite old shoes where the vinyl heel just crumbled off and left the plastic wedge with open framework inside ready to be filled in with gorilla glue. Not worth spending 10 or 20 $$ but worth a DIY try. Filled inside framework half way and made sure it was level while curing. Added another layer until that cured. Worked well. Makes a great and super strong filler. But watch out! It grows more than expected so less is more. Very strong and adheres well to most surfaces.

  • Erik N. - Nothing Special

    This item is exactly what it looks like. You just slide it over the center console piece and let it sit there. It does come with the two sided tape to make it stick securely on to the console. However, after reading the other reviews I decided against using the tape and instead just let it sit. This worked fine until I had my doors off and went over 60MPH, at which point my new Tire Tread ArmPad decided it wanted to be a plane and fly out the door of my Jeep. If you buy this, I recommend using the tape that comes with it.

  • Islandgirl369 - Smells awesome and works well!

    I love this Kitoko Oil. My hairdresser told me about it on one of my visits to her. It smoothes hair, smells delicious and combats breakage. It absorbs super fast and your hair doesn't look greasy as long as you don't use huge amounts. Would buy again! You can also use this for dry skin on body and face.

  • lillie harris - I like using moosh because it is chemical free and I ...

    My shih tzu is 13 years old and has sensitive skin. His vet has advised against bathing any more often than every 10 days. His coat gets very oily and smelly within 3 days of bath. I like using moosh because it is chemical free and I feel I can safely bathe him more often if needed. It has been 4 days since his last bath with moosh and his coat is still fresh and soft.

  • Ashley kennedy - Five Stars

    Best money I've ever spent!!! Passed my boards with 85 questions!! I felt so prepared!!! Please buy!!

  • V. S. Castellano - Not a Good Description

    The description of the software is wrong. Business Contact Manager is not included and Office 2016 is not compatible with BCM.