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  • G. Smith - I bought more for my brothers turck as a gift.

    great fit on my Toyota Tacoma. they are shorter so they don't scrape the ground on every bump like the stock ones do. they look much better. still protect very well. I have 215-70-17 with a three inch lift and they don't rub on these.

  • Laura K. Cocalas - Great product and even better price through Amazon!

    I started a new business in July 2012 and went to my local Best Buy to purchase this particular QuickBooks because it has the payroll feature. As I was standing in a long line, (detest long lines but in this case it paid off), when a gentleman a couple places behind me whispered; "You know Miss, you can purchase that much cheaper through Amazon." I've shopped Amazon for a long time but being a new business, (or otherwise), every penny counts; "I need this NOW!" "Well", he recommended, "Ask BB to match the Amazon price!" As I stood with the cashier I did as he recommended but the cashier had to call her manager. I knew I was holding up the line which made me & I imagine the people waiting uncomfortable, but the answer? There is no way we can match that price! Shocked, I told her I didn't want it, thanked the man and went directly home to see how much I would actually save by waiting? Over $110, shipping included! The savings was worth those few days I had to wait for shipping and the 15 minutes of standing in line. Great product!

  • Marc A. Beltran - Don't trust this product if you live in a cold weather area.

    I live in the Chicago area and bought this for my Dad for his birthday. He was very excited to receive it as a gift and set it up right away. Unfortunately, after a few months of usage, he woke up at 4:00 in the morning and it was 60 degrees in the house (-5 degrees outside). The nest had completely shutdown. He had to change the thermostat back to the old one to bring the temperature in the house up again. Fortunately someone was home to catch this otherwise the pipes could have burst because of the cold temperatures. Don’t trust this product if you live in a cold weather area.

  • K. B. - Perfect for smoothies, people who want to inexpensively "juice"

    SO very happy with this! I asked a lot of input and read a lot of reviews, and this is exactly what I needed. I can throw in entire pieces of fresh kale, frozen berries, entire flax seeds, whatever I want, and it makes smooth, perfect drinks. The right size cups, never leaks (because I make sure not to fill above the FILL line), easy to keep clean, doesn't take up much space on my counter. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to make smoothies.

  • Vincent E. Low - The best!

    This is the best marinade for deep frying my turkey! Everyone loves the creole butter flavor! It's a must have for deep frying!