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  • ks1543 - Very Pleased!

    I couldn't be happier! This product was super easy to install, and I now have wifi at the far reaches of my house. As everyone indicated, the switch out to the US plug was a bit tricky but with the suggestions posted, I was able to do it.

  • Whitney Hill - Don't trust a fart.

    I took this product and felt it working within 15 min. It works, just too fast for me! The third day was... Rapid and uncontrollable. Don't trust a fart while using this. I have taken Renew Life first cleanse and had great results, slower and more trustworthy. I gave it 3 stars because I believe it works, maybe a little well for me.

  • Nathan - Made symptoms worse

    I found this product when I searched Amazon for hemorrhoid relief. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT for hemorrhoid treatment. It made a minor irritation from sitting too long into a major pain. Let's just say that there is some blood and other unpleasantness involved. It has a slightly minty smell and tingle that would be nice on say a minor burn on your arm, but when applied to a sensitive bum produced hell fire of the nether region. NOT A FAN!!

  • Rosh - Wow! Excellent product! Huge difference!

    I am just thinning a bit at the crown...not too bad. If you are really fully bald, this probably won't give you the best results. This product just looks SO REAL, that even I am convinced that I never lost any hair back there. That said, there are a few cautions: First, if you use this you'll need to try a few shades possibly, to get the exact right match, and check those under full sun, florescent lights, etc. A little darker shade for dark hair works well however. Secondly, I suggest using the mist spray after you put this on, to decrease the staining of your collars. This keeps your pillows and shirts cleaner in the long run. Third, If you swim or shower, this will wash out easily...which is good and bad. I would suggest that you will need or want to rinse your hair before bed, to allow the scalp to breath and keep your bedding cleaner. But, even when some of this rubs off onto clothes or sheets, it basically brushes right off. If you leave the residue on a collar too long, and combine that with sweating or moisture, the stain will set into the cloth.

  • carrie l - I would definitely recommend this product!

    I originally purchased this product from WalMart for about $10, and to my surprise it actually worked. Within about two weeks of taking this supplement I noticed my nails were significantly harder (I've always had thin, fragile nails), and my previously fine, dull hair was noticeably shinier and more manageable. I've tried costlier hair/nails supplements such as Irwin Naturals, and didn't get nearly as significant a result as using this much more affordable supplement.