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  • Paddy988 - I really like this product

    I really like this product. The pulses it sends through my back muscles definitely helped to ease some pain. My only negative comment is that it is very difficult to place the pads in the right spot on your lower back when you don't have any help, and that the pads for some reason are extremely cold when applied.

  • Dark Magician - I'd Say It Works!!

    I've been using this product for about a month and I honestly feel that it has worked quickly and with good results for me. I have the basic thinning at the top of the head and since using this product my hair in that area is a lot thicker. I'm already planning to wear haircuts I haven't worn in years. Perhaps it doesn't work for everybody but its worth and try and I'm glad I checked into it. Also, perhaps my thinning isn't as severe but I only really need to apply the product once a day for decent results.

  • barbara olszowy - I just love the illustration and the colors it really brought the ...

    I just love the illustration and the colors it really brought the book out. I'm hoping that the third book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban comes out as well. As well as the rest of them.!

  • mark005 - Perfect fit!

    Five star fit, five star performance! I wear a 9.5 New Balance training shoe and 9.5 Brooks running shoe. The size 44 (9.7) was a perfect fit for me. Quite often shoes feel too narrow by the toes for me, but these felt just fine. I like the Velcro closure and the ratcheting type closure near the ankle.