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Eye Surgeons Bendigo - HOME - Medical Director and Chief Eye Surgeon of Eye Surgeons Bendigo is Mr. Farokh Irani. Services include cataract surgery and treatment for glaucoma eye conditions and retina conditions.

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  • Joseph J. Slevin - Essential Job Search Book

    Bolle's book is still timeless for job seekers of all kinds. I feel that his book updated each year to meet the current trends in society is critical. He needs to address those issues, like the web, downturn in the economy and the like.

  • Howard L. Sheppard - works great with my iPhone 5!

    After reading so many negative reviews on this headset from folks with iPhone 5's I was very hesitant to order this. Not that I'm afraid to update the firmware but because I only have Apple computers in the house and the firmware will not work on a Mac.

  • snorkie - Amazing and well worth your time...

    After talking to a holistic doctor I take these two pills three times a day and it pretty much gets rid of my upper respitory infection. I take it one week on and then off one week. If I still have problems I'll add it in again for another week. It is rare I need to take it another week. Fighting West Nile I catch everything going around so this was a big find for me...taking goldenseal helps me make it to work instead of missing work.

  • Andi - It's still in the fridge.

    It's very strong! Make sure to eat well before taking this stuff. I took it one day and it came right back up in a couple minutes. I guess it would work if I could get up enough nerve to take it agian.

  • kim morris - I was very happy with this at first

    I was very happy with this at first, but after only a couple weeks, the bottle had a crack and is leaking. It is also very cloudy. I did not drop it either. Bottle was great till this happened. Contacted them and they took care of it right away. Would buy from again.

  • Susan Jenkins - Versatile Food Processor

    Some of the reviews about the Ninja seem a bit harsh. Actually, this is my second Ninja, and I didn't buy this because the old one died, because it didn't, but because I needed more flexibility. I follow an ethical diet (veganism) and make most of my food from scratch because I have a mechanical heart valve and all the health issues that go along with that. Also, I have an arthritic left hand and the huge 72-ounce container (my only option with the old Ninja) was cumbersome for every day use. With this system, I can make single-serve protein smoothies, chop veggies for salsa, some salads (like tabbouleh) and make large batches of hummus. I do not have a problem with it not pulverizing food suitably, as did some of the devotees of $500 and up food processors. Yes, when you're making things like nut butters and other high-intensity recipes, you have to use some common sense and let the motor rest. But who wants to work a device to death? I think the Ninja is a good solution. As a single college student, this works great for me. Also, the seller responded quickly to the order, the Ninja arrived promptly and I am quite happy with it.

  • Daniel - Easy to program if you car has the remote start ...

    Easy to program if you car has the remote start feature that's a plus as well 5 stars highly recommend!!! works like a charm!!!